Mercedes Vision AMG: the future of electric sports cars

Mercedes-Benz and its AMG division present Vision AMG, a concept car that heralds their future electric sports models. These will be marketed from 2025. The German 4-door coupe concept car could already be the dream of potential buyers.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz pushed the boundaries of autonomy in electric cars by traveling 1,008 km with another concept car, the Vision EQXX. This time, no technical data, including performance, has been communicated by the company to the star about what should be described as a study of style and aerodynamics. Thus, Mercedes Vision AMG prefigures the design of the next so-called zero-emission Mercedes-AMGs.

Let us venture a comparison, the one that brings us back to the Mercedes-Benz W 196 Streamliner, namely the full-body version of the mythical single-seater. In fact, one can observe some similarities in style between the past glory of the circuits and the Mercedes Vision AMG. The curves on the front fenders of the new Mercedes-AMG concept car, as well as its elongated rear section, are reminiscent of the lines in the “Silver Arrow” from before.

Mercedes Vision AMG Mercedes-AMG

At the front, the Mercedes Vision AMG concept car has a “Panamerica” ​​grille that is specific to current AMGs, but in a revised way. The Mercedes star does not sit in the middle of the grille, but on the bonnet. As for the optics, they occupy the three branches of the same Mercedes logo, which are connected by a light stripe.

Mercedes Vision AMG Mercedes-AMG

In profile, and by the way, the Mercedes Vision AMG exudes impressively fluid and very sleek looks. The very reduced overhangs of the Mercedes Vision AMG concept car and its side and rear glass parts, completely in body color, enhance this visual sensation. The paint on the German concept car naturally forms the connection to the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team and the single seats of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Mercedes Vision AMG Mercedes-AMG

We also notice the presence of aerodynamic elements composed of exposed carbon fiber, this for the lower body, as for the front with the splitter.

Mercedes Vision AMG Mercedes-AMG

On the back of the futuristic coupe, a longtail design is obvious, this type of body minimizes as much as possible the effect of aerodynamic resistance, including disturbances created by the airflow. Note that the rims on the Mercedes Vision AMG are 22 inches large.

Seen from behind, it is a reproduction of absolute power, which has been created by the Mercedes-style office with especially an impressive diffuser that, as on the Vision EQXX, can be inserted. Note, a retractable rear spoiler is one with the body in this AMG-style study. Higher up there is a long luminous curve that draws the hollowed out rear of this future Mercedes-AMG. As an exhaust outlet, there are 6 round LED lights that simulate heat.

To conclude, and before we discover the Mercedes Vision AMG on video, let’s leave it to Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz, to present the concept car to us:

“Vision AMG dramatically shows what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG, while remaining true to the brand’s aesthetics. The study’s extreme proportions arouse fascination and passion for performance – that’s what AMG stands for. The Vision AMG concept is an impressive design of the brand’s dual polarity – the interplay between beauty and the extraordinary. At the same time, the elements of the future, such as the light signatures with the high-tech illuminated grid, emphasize the gradual development of our idiom of sensual purity. With its contrasting modern upholstery and sweeping proportions, this car exemplifies the next step in design based on the Vision EQXX and takes luxury and performance one step further. The seamless flow of beautifully shaped surfaces and monolithic sculpture completes the powerful aesthetics of Vision AMG. The result is an electric supercar, a style icon that drives the desire – and that is exactly what sets a sports car apart. »


Photos: Mercedes-Benz

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