As summer approaches, you can learn how to prevent your cell phone from overheating

Summer is fast approaching and we are feeling its early arrival more and more. As you may know, with the heat of summer comes the times when you feel your cell phone scald, for reasons that are not always known.

Regardless of the operating system, today we give you some tips to prevent your machine from overheating.

May has given our country exceptionally hot weather, and measures that we would only take in the summer must be taken into consideration now. An example of this are the ones you need to consider regarding our mobile phone which does not always respond well to heat.

If you have not thought about it before, consider it now. Do you remember that your phone got so hot that you put it down for a while to “rest” from the heat? Or does the cell phone even ask to be hung up for a few minutes? Well, today we are going to give you some tips to avoid this overheating which can damage your machine.

First, do not ignore any overheating warnings that your cell phone may give, and if not, monitor your temperature. In fact, even without receiving a warning, you can feel it warmer than usual, and in this situation it is best to land and let it cool down.

Release your mobile phone from the cover

It may seem obvious, but in fact, it’s never a stretch to remember that when your phone gets too hot, you need to remove the case immediately. Depending on the material that consists of it, it can accumulate heat and make it difficult to cool.

By removing the cover, the unit is completely free and may therefore lose the heat it has accumulated. When you see that the temperature is OK again, you can turn it on again as it will no longer damage your phone.

Avoid heavy apps

There are applications, namely games, that require high graphics power and several other mobile phone elements. So try not to run these types of apps on hot days and choose to turn them off if you feel your phone is overheating.

After all, running these applications requires high performance from the components, releasing high levels of heat. These combined with high outdoor temperature may not please your phone.

Take your phone out of your pocket

On a hot day, you should not have your phone in your pocket if you want it to stay cooler, especially in a pocket close to your body. Not only is it uncomfortable, but your natural body heat will resist the cooling process.

As with charging, it is best placed in a shady spot away from insulation materials. In the worst case, an overheated phone battery may start to leak or even catch fire, exposing the user to danger.

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Be careful with your cell phone exposed to the sun in the car

People often leave their smartphone in the car and in the heat it can get overheated. Even worse is letting it fill with equipment to sunbathe directly.

Besides not benefiting from charging, as the higher the temperature of the battery, the lower the charging speed, it will still overheat other more sensitive parts, such as. the screen.

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Prioritize shadows

Although it is not always possible, when you are outdoors, you choose to find shade and cooler places that are not in direct contact with the sun. These cool places can be, for example, your pockets, or a backpack, to ensure that the rays do not hit the device directly.

Being in direct contact amplifies overheating and can change the performance of your mobile phone. Keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Since overheating can damage and compromise the performance of your phone, it never hurts to remember some ways to prevent it from reaching this point. It should be noted that it is not an effective solution to put it on ice or in the fridge, so all you have to do is turn it off, put it away from you and let it rest. Be careful and protect your machine!

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