A community space for sexual health for all opens in Nice

Cegidd (Free Center for Information, Screening and Diagnosis) in Nice, located on 8 avenue Baquis, now hosts a pilot environment for sexual health (called “le 8 Baquis”). This system is the result of a collaboration between the LGBTQIA + Côte d’Azur Center and the Alpes-Maritimes department.

The premises were officially inaugurated on Friday. But what is it so exactly? “The idea started from an observation: young LGBT people who say they are non-binary, queer, trans, etc., do not have an easy relationship with the health care system. They are regularly faced with poorly trained professionals for their specific, “clumsy or even discriminatory issues. So they do not know who to contact, have little or no follow-up, which has health consequences.”analyzes Erwann Le Hô, President of the LGBTQIA + Center.

Prevention strategy

The opening of 8 Baquis fits more broadly into the strategy of risk prevention and reduction. “In recent years, the number of HIV contaminations has dropped significantly: between 2015 and 2018, there was a 40% drop in pollution in the ward. But there were still population categories where pollution did not slow down: transgender, LGBT migrants. .. people far from the health care system.Still, this space is intended to give them new access to health care.Thanks to this we will be able to convey prevention messages and give them concrete answers, especially by giving them the opportunity to benefit from Prepare (a preventive treatment that avoids becoming infected with HIV through unprotected sex, editor’s note) “, Erwann Le Hô continues.

This device was made possible thanks to the support of Section 06, heavily involved in this project, inspired by the London clinic model “56 Dean Street”, whose action has contributed to the drastic reduction of HIV contamination. “We are facing worrying problems with isolation, access to care and pollutionnotes the President of CD 06 Charles-Ange Ginésy. Faced with this, there was no device that could respond to it. That’s why we supported the creation of this health space, in the continuity of Cegidd, who himself had been supported by Eric Ciotti. “

Without appointment, without vital card

To facilitate the care of all, 8 Baquis is available to everyone, with or without an appointment, with or without vital cards. This last element is important because people, due to lack of papers, remain without care or treatment, with therefore risk of getting STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and transmitting them.

Doctors, nurses and psychologists are present every Friday from 11.00 to 21.00 for consultations, screenings, vaccinations, listening and information, but also for PrEP initiation and monitoring. “Gynecologists can also provide hormonal and gynecological follow-up to transgender people and lesbians who are reluctant to consult in the city. Similarly, a proctologist also consults at 8 Baquis, he is trained in homosexuality and the problems related to it. All the professionals who work here are trained and will never have a judgmental or moralizing speech, this is very important for LGBTQIA + “explains Erwann Le Hô.

The feedback from users who have already visited the center is really good. “Anyone who wants to can take advantage of these services anonymouslyremembers Charles-Ange Ginésy. We want health to be truly accessible to all. “

Le 8 Baquis, the community area for sexual health is open every Friday from 11:00 to 21:00 (with and without appointment). As for Cegidd, it is open every day from Monday to Friday, it offers screening for HIV, STIs, hepatitis B, C, hepatitis B and A vaccinations (excluding travelers’ instructions) and emergency contraception. Info., appointment possible on Doctolib.

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