5 things you should not do with your mobile if you want to keep the warranty

Do you need to make use of your mobile warranty? Make sure you have not done any of this to avoid problems.

The extension to a three-year warranty from electronic device manufacturers in Spain was good news for consumers. Once implemented, it will be possible to have an extra year of coverage against crashes or defects on devices such as smartphones.

However, not all consumers are fully aware of what their smartphone warranty covers or what can void it completely. On this occasion, we will review the actions that may prevent your mobile from continuing to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you want to keep your mobile warranty, there are several things you should avoid.

immerse it in water

As much as manufacturers are talking about IP certifications that guarantee the watertightness of their phones, no brand will cover damage caused by the device from moisture.

The vast majority of electronic devices, including smartphones, include a humidity sensor inside that changes color if the device has been exposed to liquid. If, during the repair of a device, the technicians detect that the sensor warns of a possible presence of water, the warranty will lapse.

It should also be borne in mind that insulation that adds water resistance to devices loses its efficiency over time, shocks or vibrations. Therefore, even if your mobile has an IP67 or IP68 certification, immersion in water can cause serious problems, which will also not be covered by the warranty.

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Physically change your appearance

Do you remember when it was in high demand to “transform” mobiles to make them transparent? Youtubers like JerryRigEverything have promoted this trend of removing the layer of paint placed under the back glass of devices to allow you to see inside. The results are visible, but “illegal” in the eyes of the brands.

While this makes sense, it is worth remembering that this kind of permanent modification of a device completely invalidates the warranty. This does not apply to other mods that can be easily undone, such as. However, there will be problems when you change other aspects, such as replacing the battery with a non-original battery.

Root or change the device ROM (depending on the brand)

Some manufacturers are somewhat strict with device software changes, and go so far as to void the warranty for unlocking the bootloader, changing the device ROM, or even “rooting” the mobile.

But over time, manufacturers have emerged who have chosen to prevent these processes from invalidating the device’s warranty. Companies like Google with their Pixels do not void the warranty even if the device is rooted.

In addition, there are methods that allow you to unroot and unlock the bootloader in a relatively simple way and within reach of any user. Either way, it’s best to check your mobile manufacturer’s warranty terms to be sure of the risks you run by making any of these changes.

Suffering from a fire, flood or other natural disaster

Smartphone manufacturers will refuse to repair your device under warranty if it has been damaged by a natural disaster such as lightning, tornado, flood, fire, earthquake or any other external cause.

It’s striking, but virtually all brands have this exception in their warranty policies.

Damage to the device using unofficial accessories

We have talked many times about the importance of using official and certified chargers or batteries. And it is that in most cases, no manufacturer will be willing to cover damage under warranty if one discovers that the problems are caused by a product from another manufacturer.

In some cases, the manufacturer’s warranty policy may vary slightly from country to country, but in general the coverage and exceptions are the same. Now you know what to avoid if you do not want problems in the future.

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