we take North 2 and we start again (better)

OnePlus is back with a new iteration of Nord, which is more a development of Nord 2: OnePlus Nord 2T. There are small improvements at all levels and above all a nice fast charge of 80 W. We could take that in hand, here is our first impression.

Back of OnePlus Nord 2T // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

OnePlus Nord 2T captures what had been the strengths of its big brother OnePlus Nord 2: fast charging (improved here), its overall agility, but also its increasingly intended design. As a reminder, the Nord range is aimed at young users who want to consume content during the day; in short, a smartphone you can trust, with the added bonus of a photo part that does not lose its landmarks. This Nord 2T is located in flagship killer with 80 W charging as on OnePlus 10 Pro and three photosensors.

The model we took in hand is the OnePlus Nord 2T version 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage space, Jade Fog color.


This Nord 2T takes up in particular what Nord 2 did in terms of design. Despite the fact that the photo block is quite impressive, the phone is put in place on a table, at least if you do not go too far to the left at the top of the screen with your finger. If OnePlus announces that these two models do not take fingerprints, it is in fact a little more complicated. At the end shine jade green, the fat can not be seen … if there is no light on the back. As soon as there is some light, fingerprints are visible.

The photo block is quite prominent, and the flash (located at the top) and the light sensor (at the bottom) actually take up a lot of space. But the two round and dark parts catch up and give a certain charm to the phone. What may be embarrassing here is the lack of coherence between the large rectangular photo block and the completely round sub-blocks.

Photoblock // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

To finish the design, the finishes are really good: nothing sticks out, nothing is missing. Let’s tease a sentence and say that there is a small play on the buttons, which in no way interferes with their use. To ensure the solidity of the whole, the OnePlus Nord 2T is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back.

Get started

In the hand, the phone holds well, does not slip and its few 190 grams are well distributed. The 6.43-inch screen gives this smartphone a format just big enough to be able to reach the top of the screen, which is often dropped beyond 6.7 inches. In addition, the buttons are easily accessible, even those the sliderwhich switches between ring mode, vibration mode and silent mode.

oneplus-nord-2T-got off to a good start
Fingerprint Sensor // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

This mid-range phone has a fingerprint sensor that is quick to set up and quite responsive. It is not a deterrent to use. But we can notice a slight slowness on this sensor; it feels slower to me than other OnePlus phones that have a fingerprint sensor under the screen, like the 8T. You can also unlock it using face recognition: a mode that just responds enough to unlock the smartphone while reading a notification, it’s perfect.

the screen

If we had regretted the absence of an update speed of 120 Hz on Nord 2T’s big brother compared to its price range, OnePlus would not have changed its recipe: we are always with 90 Hz. colors, with the default settings this OLED screen is beautiful and the colors are a bit cold (normal, it comes from the north! Do you have it?).

oneplus-north-2T screen
Nord 2T still offers a 90 Hz screen // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The 20: 9 ratio works well, the Full HD + definition of 2400 times 1080 pixels also (ie 449 ppi). The frames are thin enough on the sides and top, but the bottom of the screen has a chin that is a little too large considering the price of the OnePlus Nord 2T; the edging goes up a little too high when it goes to the sides.

Software and performance

OnePlus Nord 2T runs with the OxygenOS 12.1 interface, based on Android 12. Needless to say, OxygenOS is still just as compelling, both in terms of its overall performance and the phone’s customization capabilities. In short, as always with OnePlus, the user experience is always fluid, and it’s a pleasure to use. We know so far that this model will receive two years of major updates and three years of security fixes.

oneplus-north-2T performance
Frontpage of OnePlus Nord 2T // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

In terms of performance, the overall experience is quite fluid, even in games, but the phone will tend to get hot and it feels in the hands. This is what happened to us Rocket League Sideswipe in high graphics and 60 fps. The MediaTek Dimensity 1300 SoC does the job, accompanied by the ARM Mali-G77 MC9 GPU chip.

Connection and charging

OnePlus Nord 2T offers Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and 5G: it is flawless. It is charged via a USB-C port: no plug on this model.

A recharge of the 4500 mAh battery, which can be performed with a maximum power of 80 W. A priori, this will allow you to regain a day of autonomy of only 15 minutes (probably if you keep the brightness to a minimum and you do not nothing with it, but it is). OnePlus handles fast charging with full charge in 27 minutes.


OnePlus Nord 2T also does some great things in photography. The various modes work well, the ultra high definition mode is useful, as is the macro mode (which is equivalent to 2 times optical zoom). As for the selfie lens, it’s pretty good too; portrait mode works relatively well, except on certain hairs that are not smooth enough. It has been improved over the previous version as we are now switching to a 32 Mpx sensor. Maybe pay attention to the ultra-wide-angle lens, which may not reproduce colors as well as the main sensor. Main sensor which is also the same as on Nord 2.

In the video, OnePlus on this phone offers a mode slow motion up to 960 fps at 720p and video up to 4K at 30 FPS. We therefore find:

  • The main sensor: a Sony IMX766 at 50 Mpx, f / 1.8
  • Ultra-wide angle sensor: 8 Mpx, f / 2.2, 120 °
  • Depth sensor: 2 Mpx, f / 2.2
  • Selfie sensor: a Sony IMX615 at 32 Mpx, f / 2.4

This latest sensor allows you to make video in 1080p up to 30 frames per second.

Price and release date

OnePlus Nord 2T is therefore released today and is available in two versions at different prices:

  • Version 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage: 429 euros
  • Version 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage: 529 euros

Two colors are available: a pastel green jade color with a coating blank and a matte black finish.

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