The best used multi-purpose city cars, from € 3,000 to € 15,000

Versatile city cars represent about 26% of the new market. This is the liveliest segment in France, with stars like the Peugeot 208, the best-selling market since the start of the year, the Citroën C3, which is second only to a declining Renault Clio. We can also talk about Dacia Sandero, surprising 4.

But foreign city cars are also doing well, with the Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris and Opel Corsa.

Just as many cars that we find in the used market, in impressive numbers, especially since most are in their 3rd, 4th, 5th generation or even more. Just for Clio, by combining La Centrale and le bon coin, there are currently 42,000 cars for sale!

These good versatile city cars, capable of acting as the only car in a (small) household, are highly sought after, especially at the moment, and especially when they display Crit’Air 1 or possibly 2 stickers, making it possible to consider driving without restrictions for a few more years. As a result, prices have risen sharply, also driven by the lack of models on the market and on new models, which have led many buyers to turn to the apartment.

But some models, less popular, are still within reach of the smallest budgets, those that have no more than € 3,000 to put into the purchase of a used car. And we will see that the more the budget increases, the more the choice becomes logically varied and difficult. We have oriented our range towards reliable models, it is important when buying used, not too hard to find, and with correct operating costs. So let’s start with the cheapest models.

Less than € 3,000: a reduced range of older models

Ford Fiesta 3

Admittedly, this third generation of the Fiesta is getting older, to say the least. However, she was well born and her performance still cannot be described as dated. It already had a fairly typical Ford chassis, that is, lively and dynamic. And if its habitability was average, it was pretty well finished and equipped on time, especially in the Ghia or Elance finish. It must be selected with the 1.25 75 hp engine. A block of formidable efficiency, at the same time round, lively and sober. It fits like a glove into this generation of Fiesta. In addition, it is very reliable and has never caused major problems. The many kilometers long copies are proof of this. For a budget between € 1,000 and € 2,500, there are 2000/2001 copies showing between almost 200,000 km for the cheapest and sometimes less than 130,000 km for those closest to the maximum budget.

Hyundai Getz

The best used multi-purpose city cars, from € 3,000 to € 15,000

No one would think of the Hyundai Getz. And yet it did not sell so badly at the time, which means that we still manage to find a share in the market. Its main assets: flawless reliability, decent equipment on time and an unbeatable price. But finally, sometimes, its ratings are quite high, a proof that it retains value thanks to its reliability. We know she will not give up.

It is available in petrol 1.1, 1.3 and diesel 1.5 before restyling, but it is necessary to privilege the models after 2005, restructured and modernized at the level of engines and the quality of the materials on the dashboard. The latter, however, remains quite basic. Under the bonnet, the 1.1 is a bit tight, except for strictly urban routes. The 1.4, which replaces the 1.3, has 97 hp and is more suitable and versatile. The 1.5 CRDi diesel gets 5 hp when restyling (88 hp) and one cylinder more (4 against 3). It gets almost comfortable, but remains noisy. For the budget, and if we stay on the 2006/2007 models, 1.1 will sometimes have less than 100,000 km, but instead 130,000 km. The 1.4 will drive around 140,000 km for an average of € 2,300. The diesel will have several kilometers, sometimes close to 200,000. But it is robust. And will have 200,000 km for € 2,000 shown, or less than 150,000 km for € 3,000.

Nissan Micra 2

The best used multi-purpose city cars, from € 3,000 to € 15,000

It is considered indestructible and it is not robbed! It is an excellent choice among budget city cars. Its reliability is legendary, and its engines, no matter how small the displacement, are 1.0 or 1.3, even 1.4 after restyling. Avoid like the plague 1.5 diesel, of PSA origin, which if very good in 106 and Saxo for example, was very poorly adapted to the Micra. We must also focus on restyled models, newer per. definition (1997-2003), better equipped and just as reliable as before. The 1.0 goes for 60 hp, it is correct for urban use, the 1.4 is 82 hp and is more versatile. Consumption is controlled for both, thanks to the weight, which is also it. An old-fashioned car, this Micra, but one that will never let you down. For the budget, it is possible to find models from 2001/2002, less than 120,000 km, for less than € 2,000. Note that the Crit’Air 3 sticker will soon be banned in most ZFEm (low emission mobility zones) at best. You must pay attention.

Renault Clio 2

The best used multi-purpose city cars, from € 3,000 to € 15,000

It is ultra-widespread in the used market, this second generation of Clio. And at prices that sometimes border on obscenity, compared to the price of new ones back then. But some sellers are more sensible. And it is possible to find low-mileage petrol models with 1.2 16v, 1.4 16v or 1.6 16v engines, where the latter is almost sporty in the Clio, below the € 3,000 mark, and even less when the mileage is low. . But for example, a 1.2 16v 75 hp, very sufficient in suburban, vintage 2003, less than 100,000 km, Expression finish, is sometimes sold for less than € 2,500. For a 1.4 16v 98 hp, higher and better equipped Luxury Privilege finish, and at the same price you can find models with less than 130,000 km.

The Clio 2 is like any other Clio: very homogeneous, sober, high-performance, well-crafted in the restyled version after 2002. It gives the impression of driving a high-end car. And the reliability of gasoline models is good, you just need to monitor the ignition coils.

Toyota Yaris

The best used multi-purpose city cars, from € 3,000 to € 15,000

Another car with formidable reliability, which can be recommended even for high mileage and low budget. Very practical and smart, with its many storage spaces and its sliding bench seat, the first generation Yaris retains a high love rating, and therefore prices that have taken years to come down. Its road services are suitable, however, we will notice a slight sound insulation.

Today you can find copies around € 1,500, but they are often in poor condition. To find a model in good condition, restyled (from 2003), you must pay a minimum of € 2,500. A 68 hp 1.0 VVTi model will then have an average of 160,000 km, and an 87 hp 1.3 VVTI model 20,000 km more. It should not be scary, because as we have said, reliability and robustness are there, as evidenced by the many examples that have exceeded 250,000 km.

Avoid the D-4D diesel version, it is less comfortable and less reliable than petrol.

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