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No one will reject him from his great design as he has ambitions for Tunisia. He has a mission to accomplish. He came to power to everyone’s surprise and waited for the right time to launch his real project. He used the levers in the democratic transition process to insert himself into the highest office. Handles that he never ceases to degrade today, believing that this whole process, its foundations, its texts, its dynamics are biased and fraudulent. He has given himself the mission to dismantle everything, deconstruct everything and rebuild a state in the image of his visions. The sovereign of the Republic Kaïs Saïed is ready to fight with the opponents of his approach. He does not miss an opportunity to call them enemies of the people.

A small historical parenthesis by the way, this expression is not insignificant and sheds even more light on the president’s state of mind. Because human thinking, while evolving according to context, is nothing but the legacy of old layers, memories of the past that, if necessary, place the president in a certain logic (and not filiation, which would be too great to pretend to ). “Enemies of the People”. This term reminds me of terror, the most radical period of the French Revolution, when the Constitution was suspended, the state of emergency decreed, the guillotines well lubricated and laws came to define this concept. Thousands of heads had rolled on the forecourts, and not just aristocrats, all classes were affected as long as they were critical of the regime and therefore declared enemies of the people. The rhetoric had been taken up by the Soviets and then the leaders of the USSR with persecution, gulag and the death penalty. For those interested in history, it is easy to consult studies on the subject. As for the Tunisian people, we are still happy that we do not have guillotines or gulags. Let’s close the parentheses.

The President therefore draws up his constitution (on the basis of his consultation) and his referendum, and no one should dare to object. “He who fears the will of the people, he who has desperately tried to harm e-consultation can only be an enemy of the people.”

Still, a debate is beginning to emerge as to whether it would be wise to boycott or participate in the July 25 referendum. For the supporters of the President of the Republic, no hesitation. No matter what content is presented to them, they will give a “yes”.

For all those who question the legitimacy of the President’s action, or who transcend the spirit of the referendum, two camps are against each other. The people who boycotted have totally rejected Kais Saïed’s company since July 25th. To attend would legitimize the actions of the president. They choose a position that relies on low attendance, which discredits the event. They also believe that the dice are loaded: an “independent” Higher Authority for the election, whose members are appointed by the same Saïed who carries out the project (the Lord is the judge and jury); a constitution drafted without real consultation and without real public debate … it boycotts for all these reasons and more.

A third analysis of the situation would say that if people who do not agree with the president’s ideas were to boycott … his project would still succeed. So as long as you do that, you will have to participate and say “No” to express your resistance and weaken your position. The assumption is that Kais Saïed has already done the trick during his electronic consultation. Only 500,000 citizens attended, except that the president confirms that it is a success and that the constitution and “dialogue” will be based on his consultation. What would prevent him from doing the same with the referendum? If he were to collect 500,000 “yes” and a low number of “no”, he would, without any surprise, decree his new republic and would invoke a “falsification of thought” concerning the refractory.

In the absence of a debate on the text of the Constitution, a legitimate exercise in any democracy, a debate on the usefulness or not of participating in the referendum is now beginning. The voltages are not decreasing.


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