In Clamecy, the social space of Vaux d’Yonne has got off to a good start

It was in front of a large audience and in the presence of a few elected officials, including the mayor, Nicolas Bourdoune, and Lucie Jacquot, former director, current director general of urban services (DGS), held on Thursday, May 19, the general assembly in the social space in Yonne Vaux. The emblematic president, Béatrice Gaudin, recalled the main lines of the action of the social space: “To be focused on the territory, to meet the expectations of elected representatives and partners in a participatory approach”.

victim of the pandemic

The year 2021 was affected by Covid-19 until May. The structure was closed to the public for five months, but it welcomed children of caregivers into the leisure center. “There was a continuity in our work within the social center,” the chairman welcomed.

The financial report for 2021 suffered the consequences of Covid with – € 31,000 recorded on a budget of € 610,000 (the preliminary budget for 2022 is set at € 650,000, ie an increase of 3.39%). A deficit that will be quickly absorbed, assures the treasurer, Claudine Lindemann. These -5% are also largely explained by the financial situation: retirements, the resignation of the auditor, the director, which required the release of the related funding (holidays, etc.). CDD animators have become CDI.

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There was less user participation due to cancellation of many activities. The increase in overall activity since 2019, a favorable year, has literally been hit by the Covid crisis: tours have been canceled as well as end-of-year meal for seniors. However, the financial support from the historical financial partners, the Family Grant Fund (CAF), the municipal community and the municipality, has not been denied.

Purpose: to find lost members

The moral report made it possible to ascertain that a certain activity had been maintained during the confinement. The staff who stayed on site, for example, continued their efforts with vigilance and follow-up with the elderly. The goal for 2022 will be to regain a good level of activity with the hope of finding lost members. The association now has 400 members against the previous 600, a loss of one third. A dissatisfaction from the associative world associated with Covid-19, which does not fail to question, although a recovery is necessarily expected.

As part of the renewal of the Board of Directors, new directors have been added. Claude Perreau was renewed. Aliette Delaroche participated as well as Pascal Maillard. Lionel Visani, who takes care of the hikers with dynamism, stops, though he will always go on a voluntary basis.

Christopher Belhomme

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