Fortnite is back iOS and Android with GeForce Now! Our handling

Play news Fortnite is back iOS and Android with GeForce Now! Our handling

That’s it: Fortnite in touch version is available on GeForce Now for Android and iOS players. Here is our bid.

By spearheading the battle for prices from the App Store and Android application stores, Fortnite has lost a large portion of its audience. Not because she would no longer play, but because Apple and Google banned the mobile version of Fortnite from their stores. Since then, iPhone players have not really had any options, while Android players themselves had to manage to install an APK. Do not know what it is? This is precisely the problem: hard to find the general public with such nerd principles.

GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, had been working on a solution for some time. The Fortnite in touch version has been in closed beta since January 2022. Now the doors are open: everyone can enjoy it! Here’s what you can expect to enjoy Fortnite on your smartphone or tablet again, with touch controls.

New old

Note that GeForce Now will only ask you two things: register on the service website and log in to your Epic Games account. The first level of the cloud gaming service is actually free, but is limited to one hour of session. If you only want to play Fortnite, it’s not that limiting. At the end of this hour, just restart the game and wait in line.

The Fortnite in touch version is surprisingly familiar. If you have experienced the mobile version of the game, you will be on conquered earth. Despite the fact that the launched SKU is definitely the PC version, all menus are accessible via touch and the service does not go through the emulation of a touchpad to work. Starting a game is therefore completely intuitive. I thought at first launch that my account had not been activated while I was waiting for separate checks; it’s not like that. Do you want to open Settings? Press it. Do you want to start a game? Same thing. No barriers, no complications.

The real Fortnite on mobile

Once you are in the game, there are still no surprises. And that, in the end, is the real surprise. All the principles of the “legitimate” mobile version of Fortnite are transferred to this cloud gaming version, including the ability to choose between three different launch modes (automatic, push to shoot or dedicated button). For the rest, we find the exact mobile interface with its several shortcuts arranged on the screen in semi-transparency. A large diagonal helps, as here on the Galaxy Fold 3, to maintain maximum readability.

Fortnite mobile on GeForce Now

What are we losing? The ability to customize this interface. However, you can adjust the touch sensitivity in the game settings, which it certainly is. However, forget the ability to control the graphics precisely: This version is stuck on its basic optimization, which still offers all the power of the GeForce Now servers for a visual experience far superior to what was possible to see on the iPhone. Including in terms of refresh rate, as the Fortnite GeForce Now version runs at 120 FPS. And if you want to connect a controller, or even a keyboard and a mouse, to your smartphone or tablet … you just have to. Simply. It is of course compatible as it is the PC version.

The right matchmaking

The most amazing thing is that the matchmaking also works as the mobile version. I’m not a Fortnite player, and have primarily used it to benchmark smartphones: I therefore know how to recognize a server with bots and tactile players. I became number 8 and each of my opponents seemed to be fighting just as much as me for aiming. Conclusion? We are all on equal footing.

Fortnite mobile on GeForce Now

It seems that Epic Games has planned its move well. If Fortnite on GeForce Now is actually the PC version, the game seems to separate its touch players from its controller and keyboard / mouse players. And thanks to this he can place them in different parts. So do not panic: Hardcore mobile gamers will not be completely blown up in half a second by PC players and console users. However, we still retain the advantage of cross-country games, and therefore the ability to group with any friend regardless of their platform of origin.

Take care of your date

In short, GeForce Now and Epic Games have made the right choices regarding the return of Fortnite to mobile. The experience is quite similar to the one offered by the late mobile version, except that it is much more beautiful and more efficient. Its matchmaking principle, well-suited to the platform, means that when Fortnite soon arrives on Microsoft’s xCloud, all touch players in the cloud and locally will be able to play with each other.

Fortnite mobile on GeForce Now

Be careful though: it’s better to avoid playing on your 4G / 5G. Do not forget that cloud games will consume your data in an instant, as the principle is to stream the remote screen of a competition PC to your smartphone and let you interact with it. Imagine a kind of interactive YouTube video, to simplify. However, Nvidia’s platform is particularly impressive in terms of latency and stability. This Fortnite experience will amaze you with the possibilities of a world of 5G and unlimited video game subscriptions.

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