Darty wants to empty its stock of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE thanks to this offer

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was replaced in early 2022, but it still ticks all the boxes of a good smartphone to have in your pocket, especially when offered at an ultra competitive price. This is exactly the case today thanks to Darty, who sells it for only 339 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in hand // Source: Frandroid

A smartphone from a previous generation is not necessarily obsolete today. The proof with the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which may lead people to believe that it is part of ancient history since the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, but which still manages to be interesting in the eyes of the general public thanks to a technical sheet still news, updated software monitoring and above all a price drop of more than 300 euros compared to the original price.

The key points of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

  • 120Hz Super AMOLED display
  • Compatibility with fast and wireless charging
  • The camera’s versatility and good quality

Instead of 659 euros at launch, the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is now available for sale for only 339 euros on the Darty side.

promo s20 fe darty
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE goes for € 339 once in the basket // Source: Darty.

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, then take a look below to find other offers on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The table is updated automatically.

Similarities with S21 FE …

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was released almost two years ago, but its successor borrows many elements from it, as it is clear is still of high quality today. So yes, the design is not the same as the S20 FE is inspired by the S20 from 2020 and the S21 FE is inspired by the S21 from 2021, especially for the photo block on the back. However, both smartphones offer the same composition with a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle and an 8-megapixel x3 telephoto lens. The quality of the images is therefore pretty much the same, with a few fewer features, that’s all.

We also note that the battery integrated in the S21 FE is the same as the one that equips the S20 FE that interests us today, namely an accumulator with a capacity of 4,500 mAh. With this you can easily stay for more than a day away from the charger, but if there is a need to recover a few percent, you can do it more or less quickly with the 15W charge. The 21 FE is a little more efficient with its 25 W load, but in either case we are not in the presence of a Lucky Luke for recharging. You can also count on wireless charging if you are really not in a hurry.

… And of course differences

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE brings some new features, such as the integration of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip, while the S20 FE in the 4G version uses a Snapdragon 865 with 6 GB of RAM. That said, this latest configuration inherited from the Galaxy S20 is still more than enough today to satisfy all applications, whether it’s playing with beautiful graphics or wanting to enjoy a user experience without going slower. The smartphone also runs Android 12 with the One UI 4 interface and will still benefit from major updates for a few years as the Korean giant now promises a follow-up over at least 4 years.

The second difference comes from the screen, where the diagonal on the S20 FE is 0.1 inches more than on the S21 FE, or 6.5 inches versus the 6.4 inches. Otherwise no big change, as both are AMOLED with Full HD + definition and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz constant. It is not adaptive, but you can still choose to switch to 60Hz in the settings to save battery.

To find out a little more, do not hesitate to read our test on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

9 / 10

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

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