Crimes in the Metaverse: What Do You Need to Know?

Crimes in the metaverse are not always purely virtual. They can have consequences for real life, especially in this time when the law remains silent on this subject.

Crimes in the metaverse will potentially be numerous. As society lives more and more in this virtual world, criminals will find ways to disrupt it. On the other hand, one might also think that some will become more negligent as there are actions that will not have a direct effect in real life.

Crimes in the metaverse, however, can cause others problems in society genuine. We know the law is not there yet. So we decided to dedicate a few lines to shed some light on this topic.

Metaverset, an increasingly complex universe

Facebook becomes Meta. It’s not just a name change, it’s more of a migration towards a more connected world dynamic : metaverset. The latter is becoming more and more the center of all activities, commercial or not.

Companies and individuals are developing a new way of living, namely to connect in a virtual world where everything can be found. On the one hand, companies present products for sale in the metaverse. On the other hand, individuals buy them to get them. This implies that this virtual universe is becoming more and more complex.

Just log in to meet your virtual friends. Only the metaverse is a world copied from our real world. Which means you can not always avoid people you do not want to meet. Admittedly, Meta remains ambitious in this area by wanting to reassure its members that they can block certain people’s access to their world. But that is simply impossible.

Hence this complexity will be a lever for crime. In other words, crimes in the metaverse can take precedence. Today, cookies can be used to spy on how we behave on the Internet. Which means that in the metaverse no one wants a privacy.

Crimes in Metaverset

As discussed earlier, the meta-verse is a way for criminals to violate privacy, both for businesses and individuals. piracy, the data leak companies are risks to run with the development of the metaverse. Hackers will soon find new ways to hack into corporate security systems via the meta-verse.

Hacking and cyber intrusion

Such a weak security system will increase the speed of cyber intrusion and data leaks despite knowing how to invest in the meta-verse. The extorted information will be sold to the highest bidder. And the buyers may be the competitors or others who use them for a criminal purpose. This will also affect everyone’s privacy in case their personal data is stolen.

Therefore is harassment, deception and violence must be feared along with other crimes in the metaverse. We must not forget that from the very first days of the metaverse we have seen sexual abuse. But we can discuss this topic because an attack that occurs in the metaverse can not directly affect real life. However, its effects can be harmful.

Thefts and extortion

Now let’s talk about thefts and piracy to extort money. Imagine someone getting their digital wallet and all their virtual money stolen. Not only will he no longer be able to buy goods in the meta-verse, but he will also not be able to trust the security system.

In addition, you may be harassed via your avatar by forcing yourself to pay such an amount, otherwise your avatar will be attacked. Today we already live with deepface and deepvoice. These are forms of fraud that are used by hackers to mimic your behavior. In the food verse we can also find his avatar (a fake) walking around with all our habits.

If you think about it, you have to say that crimes can also reach the metaverse without being able to do anything about it.

Can crimes in the metaverse affect real life?

If you drive into a car in the metaverse, it is impossible to imagine bodily harm. That is already a positive thing. However, we need to repair the property damage, the vehicles in this case. Which involves spending (albeit with digital money).

If you are a victim of piracy, it is undeniable that your real life is affected. Criminals can use stolen information to blackmail or harass you. It’s easier to find yourself in the real world with your metaverse data.

The same is true if your avatar has lost a sum. You need to exchange your real money for digital money to continue to enjoy the virtual world and its offerings. Which leads us to conclude that real life and life in the metaverse are interdependent.

It will crimes in the metaverse will no doubt have damage about our real life. If your avatar has been attacked in the virtual world, it is likely that the attackers are trying to find you in earnest to try to do the same.

For companies, the meta-verse is a portal to all forms of piracy, espionage and information theft. There is nothing worse than information theft to overthrow a business.

What about laws in the eyes of the metaverse?

At the moment, the giants of Silicon Valley are rushing into the metaverse without thinking too much about the jurisdictional aspect of this world. This creates a number of problems such as legislation and legal vacuum.

Crimes in the metaverse what the legislators say

Privacy is a critical issue for lawmakers. However, it seems conflicting to the fact that we are moving more and more forward in a connected world that is the metaverse. We have actually legislated lion from another century where technology was merely an accessory to society. Justice is then seen indead end when it comes to deciding on a case involving technology.

This is why crimes in the metaverse can continue unpunished as the legislation does not keep pace. The data leaks that have been recorded in recent years are closely linked to the emergence of social media. Not to mention harassment and personal attacks made via social networks.

Admittedly, Meta has chosen a prohibition technique through reporting false information or harassment. But is this enough to curb crime? However, it should be borne in mind that these companies are primarily aiming to make money rather than protect the privacy of their users. This vision is also valid for the metaverse.

Can we talk about a legal vacuum?

As the legislation passes dumb, then the problem of legal vacuum is raised. If we bring a case to court involving crimes in the metaverse, it would be difficult to decide. How many judges spend their time in the metaverse? How many of them plan to investigate a case of this nature without really knowing what this virtual world is?

On the other hand, it is important to implement virtual courses (meta course) in the metaverse. But it is still necessary to consider adopting new laws in accordance with this universe and sanctions that are proportionate to it. Such a project does not seem to be in the priorities of designers of the metaverse. So far, we have to be very careful, whether as an individual or as an organization.

Another vacuum arises with regard to limit between crimes in the metaverse and real crimes. When it comes to information leaks, these can happen both in the real world and in the meta-verse. However, the repercussions may prove to be more serious in real life, even if the origin is the virtual world.

If the hacker lives in a country other than the victim’s, is it possible that the law can do something about it? Can international law intervene in this matter? Only time will tell what will become of this complex universe.


Crimes in the metaverse can increase as it attracts more and more users. Some may cause harm in real life, some may not. Either way, the metaverse becomes more and more complex. Which will increase crime in this virtual world.

Moreover, the law remains silent in the face of this progressive change. Legislators are still far from adopting legislative and regulatory texts that are intended to serve as guidelines for this. Yet we can not deny the various positive points of the metaverse, the connection with an open world, without having to move e.g. Thus, it makes more sense to approach legislation and the adoption of standards to regulate access to activities in the metaverse.

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