Cars in the ditch, neighborhood problems: these Noyal-Pontivy residents live in hell

Residents of the village of Caudan in Noyal-Pontivy at the end: they constantly warn the authorities about a number of car accidents. © Pontivy Journal

” That gendarmerie came 4 times in 3 days, last weekend, ”says a resident in Caudan villageclose to the place of Valvertto Noyal-Pontivy (Morbihan). The nuisances go again, the car accidents increase, the forty residents are desperate …

Cars in the ditch on a background of alcohol, a stab wound

This Thursday, May 19, 2022 in the late afternoon, there are 10 to speak and witness about Calvary as they go through. Between neighborhood problems and daily road uncertainty.

It is a year and a half ago that new residents moved into three new homes: There are between 8 and 9 people in each house. They are workers from Eastern Europe, housed by their temp agency and their boss, who is the owner. The parties that are a lot of alcohol, we even think there have been drugs. And they take their car, drive fast and end up in the ditch like last weekend. We were several at 10.30pm last Sunday. Except that, in one of the houses, someone was stabbed. We are tired!

Residents of Caudan and Noyal-Pontivy

Residents continue to pull cars out of the ditch, as in October 2021, when a car crashed into the wall of a stone house and bumped into the village bus basket. “The wall is still pulled back 10 cm! “Indicates a resident who sees the owner of the damaged house arriving at the assembly point this Thursday night. He confirms, and launches:” There will be deaths one day during this bus shelter because of them! »

The car that crashed into a house near the bus shelter in October 2021. © DR

Hit and run offenses become more numerous as there are cars in the ditch – “another at the hospital roundabout”; “a car on the Valvert road after the intersection” – leaves the locals speechless, who constantly warn the gendarmerie.

Mayor, owner, informed gendarmes, but nothing moves

These residents do not put all the tenants of these three houses in the same bag: “There are a couple, there is no problem, we discuss with them. We also discuss with roommates who are tired … We also discussed getting things quiet in the beginning with those who are bored. But they don’t care, and they only stay 4 to 6 months before others come … ”

The gendarmes are therefore warned and go over to each problem, “but last Wednesday night they had to pick up the one they had placed in police custody on Sunday, because he started again …”

They reported these problems to the mayor of Noyal-Pontivy, who listened to them and helped them.

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The mayor went to talk to them, then to their temp agency, with the owner of the house. The owner, who is also their boss, just told the mayor that the gendarmes needed to be notified. But we are not going to do that!

Residents of Caudan and Noyal-Pontivy

It is a vicious circle where everyone is aware but no one puts a stop to neighbor problems, road safety. “We wanted to lodge a complaint, but the gendarmes refused because there were no casualties or deaths …” breathes a resident.

A letter to seize the Attorney General

The atmosphere is as heavy as the air is stormy in the late afternoon in Caudan, a charming village between traditional and modern houses, a stone’s throw from the Valvert site …

We have decided not to remove the cars from the ditch anymore, the gendarmes will now fend for themselves. We have written a letter to seize the Public Prosecutor, we still have to wait a bit before we send it, so we have to see how the summer goes …

Residents of Caudan and Noyal-Pontivy

Many hikers walk past there to go to Valvert

Sometimes they find peace in the village thanks to a happy change of tenancy … But it does not last. And in addition to car accidents and nuisances, there are also some behaviors: “The women in the village no longer walk past their home to reach Valvert, they are offended! »

The village is very popular with walkers – a little smaller since work on Le Valvert began in early May 2022 – but seniors, patients from the nearby Center Bretagne hospital center and their families come regularly to take some fresh air at Le Valvert.

Desire for road improvements, breaking the speed, these residents have asked the municipality. Request pending.

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