Carrefour puts its job interviews in the meta-verse

A tweet from Carrefour’s CEO Alexandre Bompard was widely criticized. It contained “the first job interview in Metaverse”, to the great amusement or annoyance of many. But the Carrefour video, which apparently looks like an advertising stunt, represents far from the future: It has nothing to do with virtual reality. Brands voluntarily play with ambiguity.

Carrefour wants to be present in the metaverse

On February 1, the company launched Web3 by acquiring virtual land on The Sandbox. This plot located at location 33,147 was acquired for 120 ETH (300,000 euros) and represents 36 hectares of virtual land corresponding to 150 hypermarkets of 2,500 square meters.

But it is a vacant lot, only adorned with a sign with the brand logo. Its acquisition appears to correspond to a desire not to miss the technological boat, and Carrefour provides no specific justification for the acquisition.

“Hello everyone, I’m happy to take these first steps in the meta verse with you and happy to meet you in this rather extraordinary moment,” exclaims Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, as an introduction. This is Crossroads’ first recruitment event in the meta-verse. ” This is what Carrefour has been doing for us for a few months.

Carrefour aims to have 3,000 specialists in its workforce by 2026, and to achieve this, the brand has seconded its HR managers to Metaverse. To attract engineers from the Polytechnique or the École des mines, Carrefour inserts its human resources managers into the meta-verse.

On Wednesday, the distributor held its first recruitment meeting there, and its CEO, Alexandre Bompard, or rather his avatar, was present. “We are a physical player, but we are undergoing an intense digital transformation,” he explained to the 30 students from the top of the virtual desk. Digitization is the link between all our activities. We need data scientists. I do not sell dreams to you, but concrete projects. ”

Among them: optimizing campaigns or assortments in the store using IT, or even improving the products recommended to customers, explains Élodie Perthuisot, Group Director of Digital Transformation.

A successful communication campaign!

The group’s CEO, originally from Paris, thus faced a virtual sea in a campaign to seduce young candidates for data analysis or data researchers in the hope of hiring up to 3,000 data specialists. ‘by 2026. In terms of communication, it’s also a good opportunity to get people talking about the brand, and perhaps focus on technology rather than competitors.

Of course, we can now wonder what interest Carrefour has in testing this technology. Some have praised his willingness to try new things.

As our article shows, the most important thing for Carrefour is to have a way to get people to talk about it. The company hopes to associate its name with the word “metaverse” and indirectly convince people that the interviews exist in virtual reality. We remind you again: this is not the case. For a candidate, this is an almost normal conversation.

Carrefour aims to have 3,000 data specialists in its workforce by 2026. Some of them need to be recruited, which is no small feat. “In the past, young engineers did not think about participating in mass distribution,” notes Élodie Perthuisot, herself from a polytechnic. But things are changing. ”

Through its presence in the virtual world, Carrefour wants to target the younger generation, graduates, employees or customers. In January, the retailer bought the equivalent of 15 major stores in The Sandbox Virtual World. “We explored it ourselves to understand how people use it,” explains Élodie Perthuisot.

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