“Cannes Film Festival is an opportunity to show all our ability to innovate”

Vincent Salimon, CEO of BMW France: “Cannes Film Festival is an opportunity to show all our ability to innovate” BMW press office

BMW is for the first time the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. A love affair with the cinema inscribed in the coming challenges. Meeting with Vincent Salimon, CEO of BMW France.

Miss Figaro. – Why did BMW decide to take part in the Cannes Film Festival?
Vincent Salemon. – As a leader in sustainable mobility, BMW likes to engage with other leaders. As the Cannes Film Festival is a benchmark in the cinema world in France and around the world, this alliance seemed natural to us. BMW has the side Ghosts, with Jean Marais and Louis de Funès, in 1964, was present in more than 30,000 films. The brand appears in many James Bond, with Pierce Brosnan in particular (GoldenEye, tomorrow never dies Where The world is not enough). Similarly, the BMW Group in the United States is a partner in the saga Impossible mission. I personally have a weakness for the pain in the ass, by Édouard Molinaro with Jacques Brel, where Lino Ventura drives a 2002 Touring, but it’s a very personal choice!

The festival has decided to reduce its CO2 footprint and increase its environmental responsibility. It’s also your obsession …
Absolutely. We appointed a director of sustainable development in 1973, our first electric car was created in 2013. All the vehicles used for the festival are part of our electrified range, including three 100% electric models launched in 2021. This series already represents one third of our sales – our goal is to reach thirteen models by 2030 and 50% of sales. The festival is an opportunity for us to show all this innovation capacity, which is ours, with our exhibition vehicle, the BMW i7, which is presented dynamically for the first time on the Croisette. The first 100% electric limousine in the segment, it offers 625 km of autonomy and a panoramic screen, the BMW Theater Screen, which brings the cinematic experience into the vehicle. It’s still a link to cinema, which has always been a vector for innovation: i Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise drove the concept car in Vision Dynamics, which was thought to never see the light of day – but this model ended up existing forever.

Pierce Brosnan, alias 007, and his BMW Z8 in The world is not enough. Press service

Can we still embody luxury, dreams and even pleasure, especially when we are a car brand, without innovating twice to protect the environment?
Of course not, and that is why our focus on reducing the mobility footprint spans the entire life cycle of a car, from resource extraction to recycling. The cobalt we use comes only from Australia, the only country today that respects international standards in terms of extraction and human rights. 30% of the materials we use come from materials that are already in use – such as our seats and floor mats, made from recycled fishing line. We work with key energy suppliers, such as Engie, to offer green energy to our customers who use electric cars. Finally, the development of electric mobility involves a reworking of the driving experience, which involves sound, among other things. As the car hardly makes any noise outside, inside the cabin we recreate the sound of the car’s movement, start, etc. And for that we work with sound designers from the cinema, such as Hans Zimmer, composer of Oscar-winning German film music.

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