Benoît Tréluyer: “Le Mans is not done with me! »

Hi Benoit. We expected to see you at the wheel of an Audi, and it’s a Ferrari 512BB you offer us for this carpool …

It was the first collector car I bought, for several reasons. It is quite exceptional as it is only 26,000 kilometers from new. It is the first Ferrari with a rear center engine, it is equipped with the famous flat V12. I love its triple-barrel Weber carburetors … And because it’s a car I literally fell in love with! We do not necessarily expect it, but it is damn effective. With André Lotterer (friend and former team member at Audi Sport. Red. note), we have fought several times – he with a modern sports car and I with her – on the roads around Gordes, and I can tell you that she absorbs the roughness of the road well. It has good grip, good balance … André was hard at work to stay ahead. (Laughter) And then it’s discreet, not “have you seen me”. People smile and give up the thumb when they see her.

Is this 512BB the origin of this complex of care and maintenance of luxury cars, which is the starting point for our carpooling?

No, it’s more the fact of meetings attached to Gordes, where I live, in this region of the Luberon, which is home to many lovers of fine cars. I often found myself at dinners where guests talked to me about their prestigious cars because I was the driver. I did not know much about collector cars at the time. They explained to me that it was complicated because their not starting when they came to spend a few days in the region, due to a breakdown or something. I realized that many people who owned these beautiful cars could never enjoy them and ended up selling them. That’s how the idea of ​​offering a real service came to me. I found this building where we store up to 45 cars and where in addition to strict guarding we take care of maintenance. I already had a company, Trajectus, which managed my pilot activities and which I expanded to this new area.

Are these “governing” activities now dormant?

No, they are still very present. I had a period where I did a lot of development and simulator work for Audi. It stopped when Dieter Gass left (Director of Audi Sport. Editor’s note) in 2020. The new management did not show any particular enthusiasm for the continuation of our collaboration. I was asked a lot about not much in return, and since that was when I founded this security company, I preferred not to. It took Spark, by agreement with the FIA, to contact me, to offer to take care of the development of Generation 3 of Formula E, so that I could reconnect to the drive. That was last year and we started with the development of Hankook tires. The taste for driving came back to me and I realized I missed the circuits. I like what I do to share with my clients, but I do not add real added value to the community as I am focused on administration and relationships. Now that Trajectus is on its way and it’s possible that other centers are popping up, I’ll have more time for myself. I’m thinking about my future in racing, both in the short and long term.

Behind the wheel or on the wall?

I feel like today I can bring something to a team. I have a lot of experience, my strong point in an endurance team like Audi was my ability to create this necessary osmosis between the drivers, the engineers, the mechanics and the management. I would love to be able to offer it again to a team. When I watch a race on TV, and without having any data, I wonder why one option is preferred and why another is abandoned. At Audi, where everything was simulated and nothing was left to chance, I sometimes realized that if we kept up with what had

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