a handy and versatile laptop / tablet hybrid

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Chromebooks at keyboard removable is not legion. However, it is a relevant design and fits in really well with the Chrome OS. Operating system launched by Google in 2011 is also convenient to use in fashion Tablet only in fashion computer portable. We were able to observe this during our testing of Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet. In addition, the latest IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook Gen 6 is by far the biggest competitor to HP Chromebook x2 11 discussed in this test.

To stand out, the x2 11 can count on a good finish level, a very durable battery and a processor Snapdragon 7c which ensures excellent performance. Another advantage, it comes not only with its detachable keyboard but also with a stylus. In addition, its price has dropped by 100 euros since its launch to drop to 599 euros. Enough to claim a very competitive price-quality ratio over one Surface Go 3 off Microsoft which is worth 409 euros without keyboard or stylus, or one iPad sold 389 euros without accessories.

Design: elegant and functional

At first glance, the Chromebook x2 seduces 11 with its sleek and graceful design. The 11-inch screen is housed in a chassis made of aluminum slim kl style minimalist. In the upper left edge we find the on / off button, which also acts as a reader.fingerprint. A great option that you do not often see on Chromebooks. On the left edge two gates USB-C that can be used to recharge the battery or connect an accessory, a button on bind and a reader memory card microSD. On the right edge, a magnetic area allows you to hold the pen while recharging it. This whole arrangement is well thought out when using the screen in landscape mode. On the other hand, it takes a little more gymnastics to reach the volume button when you hold the tablet in portrait mode.

Design: elegant and functional

It’s almost with regret that we’re going to flatten ours back the magnetic protective cover that acts as a support leg. Its soft-touch matte coating ensures a good grip and provides a reassuring robustness, but it tends to feel quite easy.

A good screen

The Chromebook x2 11 screen displays 2,160 x 1,440 pixels with a brightness 400 nits and 100% sRGB coverage. It delivers a crisp, vibrant screen quality that is above average for a Chromebook. Pushed to the extreme, the brightness gives good readability in full sun. Too bad the glass Gorilla Glass that protects the plate is also exposed to reflections.

Perfect for extra productivity

that processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c, supported by 8 GB Random Access Memory, delivers the performance needed for daily multitasking. We were able to keep about twenty tabs open effortlessly, several of which loaded content streaming on NetflixDisney +, Youtube and Amazon Premium video. The games available on Google Play run smoothly.

That webcam 5 megapixels are not uncommon, but just as efficient as those found on much more expensive Windows laptops. It is more than enough to conduct video calls in good lighting conditions. Chromebook X2 11 comes with one sensor 8 megapixel photo video. Deprived of zoom and all the complicated tools that smartphones used to us, it takes basic quality photos and videos that will be suitable for sharing on social network in small format. Let us point out the tool digitization of documents contained inApplication photo (scanner) as well as the ability to create 5-second video gifs, a feature that came with the hundredth update of Chrome OS.

The Chromebook X2 11’s removable keyboard is pretty decent. Despite its small size and its minimalist thickness, we manage to find our brands to write at a good pace. Enough to process emails and work with short documents in good conditions. that touchpad clickable is spacious, reagent, and just as accurate as a laptop. On the other hand, it becomes very capricious as soon as the keyboard is not on a sufficiently stable surface. Hence the least pressure on the wrist rests triggers a click that just put panic in what we do. Better to forget the relaxing sessions on the couch with the Chromebook on its feet.

The stand integrated in the rear protective cover allows the screen to be oriented at any desired angle, both in portable and tablet mode. The firmness of the hinge is a good point to hold the screen in place, but the absence of a notch on the edge of the support leg makes it difficult to maneuver. You must do this with both hands to unfold it while holding the screen while tilting the stand.

The Chromebook X2 11 comes with a stylus that attaches magnetically to the right edge of the screen. It can be used to take notes or draw. It provides a fluid and precise contact. It is an interesting alternative to to take notes quickly during transport or other circumstances where the keyboard cannot be inserted. We have also used it a lot to make screenshot more accurate than with touchpad and cursor.

Who says Chromebook says online applications. Whether it’s work or play, the X2 11 is designed for web services, starting with Google. We find the whole range of tools office automation and communication of the California giant (Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Meet …) that can be used for free with a Google Account. There is an offline mode that allows you to consult and modify documents once connected The Internet lack. Of course, there is nothing to prevent the use of third-party cloud services via that chrome browseras Microsoft 365 e.g.

A comfortable and durable tablet

In tablet mode, the Chromebook x2 11 is just as compelling. The screen quality is impeccable, whether it is for web browsing, games or video streaming. On the other hand, the sound part clearly leaves something to be desired. The two small speakers located on either side of the top of the screen very quickly reach their limits and deliver a hollow sound, completely devoid of relief and crippled by distortion as soon as the volume is pushed beyond the 60%. Lovers of music or streaming series will have any interest in using headphones or listeners wireless.

Chromebooks are known for their sobriety, and this model is further proof of that. HP announces up to 11.autonomy, a delay that we had no trouble getting during our daily use. We appreciate the fast charging via one of the USB-C ports that restores 50% battery in 45 minutes.


This HP 2-in-1 Chromebook is a great option for those who use both tablet mode and laptop-with-keyboard setup and want a simple and convenient machine to take with them everywhere. Chromebook X2 11 is adjustable solid performance and a construction quality. It is a great tool for managing email, accessing working documents via an online office suite, surf the web, chat via video and have fun streaming VoD or small video games.

We love

  • The level of finish
  • Performances
  • Solid autonomy
  • The versatile convertible design
  • Stylus included and convenient to use

We do not like less

  • The keyboard that lacks rigidity
  • Not easy to use on the knees
  • The crutch is not practical to maneuver with one hand
  • Sound quality

Futures note

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