Will the PS5 return to stock in late May? We tell you everything to get it before summer!

Could not buy PS5 despite stock returns 3 weeks ago? It must be said that the lack of availability of this console was accompanied by the change of the online replenishment method for distributors.

Some of them are now promoting stock returns in smaller stores instead of promoting the arrival of the PS5s as major events.

There are also distributors who only rebuild the PS5 in-store and on weekends. As a result, the console is not available for purchase online. Then the Sony console will be available in stock by the end of this month of May ?

PS5 rebuild: the latest news

April was a busy month with a large return on PS5 shares in physical and online stores at the various retailers. May, however, has been pretty quiet so far.

Hold out, however, with the hope that it is highly likely that there will be new waves of PS5 shares in the coming days or weeks. It is actually possible that distributors have increased their orders in recent weeks.

In addition, many large retail chains and the store have confirmed that their management of the sale of playstation 5 consoles should change. News that should give players hope of acquiring this next-generation console.

More and more distributors will no longer hold events related to the rebuilding of Sony’s latest console. On the contrary, stores will sell their inventory while walking, and by promoting sales in physical stores. Therefore, be sure to check with the nearest dealer to avoid missing the console.

Buy PS5s from the PlayStation Direct Store

It is important not to forget that it is possible to register in the store on the official Sony website to buy the products from the Japanese brand, including the two models of PlayStation 5. But to To take advantage of PS5 stock returns, it is necessary to have an invitation from Sony. PSN members can even take advantage of exclusive private sales by being contacted via email.

Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PS5 with 1 DualSense wireless controller, Color: White

Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PS5 with 1 DualSense wireless controller, Color: White

  • Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to PlayStation 5 until May 28, 2022


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19 May 2022 at 10.15

Admittedly, standing in line at the PlayStation Direct online store does not guarantee that you will get a PS5. But with good luck, you may be one of the future people selected by Sony to take advantage of the rebuilds.

In addition, Sony said it was positive about the upcoming stock returns on its flagship console. Admittedly, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that it expects sales of the PlayStation 5 to fall. That’s 18 million units instead of 22.6 million for the fiscal year ending March 2023. However, the PS5 Digital Edition and Standard Edition consoles will be back in stock in the coming months. As regards the availability of stocks, it should generally be improved thanks to the measures taken against scalpers.

Keep an eye on the PS5 back in stock at distributors

One of the best ways to find out when the PS5 rebuild comes online and physical retailers is to follow Sony’s official Twitter account. It is also advisable to follow the various distributors’ social networks such as Amazon, Rakuten, Fnacetc.

This will help you get the latest console availability updates. Also remember that PS5 back in stock may also be limited to certain stores. So stay connected to receive notifications!

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