The 7 must-have apps for entrepreneurs

In the digital age, entrepreneurs need to make new technologies their allies. Many tools have been developed to make everyday life easier for project managers. Business Cool makes you discover the 7 most important applications for entrepreneurs today.

The entrepreneur’s everyday life is not always easy. In light of his position, he must be on all fronts: managing community management, finance, freelancers and many other tasks that are not always pleasant. Fortunately, many tools have been developed to facilitate project management, communication and invoicing. Startups compete in ingenuity and offer efficient and intuitive applications to make everyday life easier for entrepreneurs.

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1. Evernote

Evernote responds to a very specific problem: information overload. The application is there to help you focus and be in the moment to effectively move forward with your tasks. It thus provides an answer to the question: “How do you succeed in a world where the amount and speed of information is constantly increasing?”

The application now has 225 million subscribers worldwide. You will be able to write down all your book summaries, the quotes that inspire you, your list of passwords or your to-do list. You have at hand all the information you absolutely need to work on a daily basis. The benefit of the app? You have the ability to sync your notes on all your devices.

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2. Koober

Koober is a program that gives you access to the best books, conferences, documentaries and podcasts to read or listen to in record time: just 20 minutes. This application will save you precious time, while giving you access to key concepts and important elements to remember from the books that interest you. You can use it for all the business books that you do not necessarily have time to read, but which will necessarily help you in your entrepreneurial adventure.

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3. Trello

This tool is among the 3 best apps for young entrepreneurs. Trello is a free program that benefits a large number of entrepreneurs around the world. It has the special feature of allowing strict monitoring of the progress of your teams’ projects, even if you are far away or working remotely. The application is easy to use and relies on a map system that facilitates the creation, updating and monitoring of various tasks.

Business leaders will thus have visibility into the efficiency and productivity of their employees. Trello also has the benefit of integrating with other small business apps like Evernote, Slack, etc.


Asana is the tool that allows you to organize all your tasks and optimize the collaboration and communication between all your teams. It starts with the creation of a team attached to a project. The application will then take care of assigning tasks to each member according to their skills and know-how. From deadlines and reminders are generated automatically to allow all employees to get an overview of the progress of their work. The application also allows group members to communicate with each other.

5. Time

Tiime is a revolutionary tool whose mission is to make everyday life easier for accountants. Contractors can also use it to automate the creation of their invoices. You can link your professional bank account to the application and track your expenses You also have the option of adding supporting documents or expense reports. The application allows you to take a picture of your receipts and upload them directly to the application.


Slack is a communication interface between partners. The app is said to improve employee productivity by 32%, as the company claims. Slack helps you organize conversations between your team members on private or public channels. You can also share photos, PDFs, videos, voicemails and other files in the chat. It’s a bit like the professional Messenger.

7. Analysis

Google Analytics is Google’s statistical tool. It was created in March 2005 and allows companies with a website to analyze the audience. This tool has many benefits. It is easy to use and understand and the data provided is very useful. In this case, it allows to track a visitor’s course on the site and to know how he landed on the company’s site. It also provides insight into which content is most popular and popular, which will make it easier for you to produce content that is more likely to be liked.

In addition, Google Analytics is completely free. It thus has 80% of the world market share. This says a lot about its durability and efficiency.

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