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It’s time to explode guts! Ash Williams is back, but this time it’s not to chop up demons in a new movie adventure by Sam Raimi, but rather in a video game production. But does this Evil Dead: The Game live up to the original movies?


Tatre put trobeen ha zar Kanda! Kandaaa! Kaaandaaa!“, a poor unconscious man has read again the evil remarks in Necronomicon, the book of the dead. It was enough to bring a horde of demons back to planet Earth and the good old Ash Williams, who had nevertheless decided to retire after finishing The Ash vs. Evil Dead series in 2018. Yes, for the fortieth anniversary of Sam Raimi’s cinematic saga, all of these beautiful people have given themselves a deal in Evil Dead: The Game, as well as many games that pay homage to the awful licenses of the ’80s – we are thinking here of Friday the 13th, Predator: Hunting Grounds and to a lesser extent Dead by Daylight -, Evil Dead: The Game chooses asymmetric multiplayer gameplay. On the one hand, it invites players to join a team of four survivors, and on the other hand, to embody Kandar’s demon.

Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?

Let’s start with the survivors who have a gameplay that is more or less similar to what one might find in an action game in third-person view. Here the goal is simple: when the group is balanced on one of the game’s two cards, it must meet a series of goals (find three pieces of Map, a scroll and Kandar’s dagger) to once again wipe out the evil that is consuming Necronomicon. To do that, of course, you have to work as a team, as the latter, like the heroes from Friday the 13th or those from Dead By Daylight, are an easy prey when standing isolated from the rest of the group. . A lone hero is clearly more fragile and also sees his fear meter increase faster, making the player’s screen darker, making him more traceable in the demon’s eyes and above all more vulnerable (we return to this). But unlike the two aforementioned productions, in Evil Dead: The Game, a well-armed lone player can still defend himself, as it is possible to get the powder to talk and smash skulls with well-placed tatans; this is also where Saber Interactive’s multiplayer production stands out from the competition. When the beginning of the game is over – which consists of searching the various barracks to fill up with weapons and resources -, the title is a real action game that gives confrontations an honor. Always nervous and dynamic, the fights are constantly marked by a rain of hemoglobin and jaw-closing movements. In other words, the fights between survivors and mutants are a real eye-catcher, especially as we have the right to a varied arsenal ranging from a simple pistol to a shotgun, including a crossbow and a host of hand-to-hand weapons – body (shovel, baseball bat, clover, chainsaw, etc.).

Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?

Different characters for different classes:

Although the collaborative aspect is mainly highlighted by sharing resources and mutual help between players when one is down, Evil Dead: The Game offers several playable characters. These come from the various films in the saga and even from the series: players can embody multiple versions of Ash Williams, but also Annie Knowbury, Lord Arthur, Pablo Simon Bolivar and many others, all of whom have their own characteristics. . Cheryl Williams, Ash’s sister, plays the role of support and restores life to the whole group, Linda B. Emery can fire without using her ammunition and the Ash version of Ash vs. Evil Dead stuns all nearby enemies. All of these powers can also be improved at the end of the game through a skill tree that is unique to each hero. You understood that if you play with friends, there is enough to form a robust team.

Anyway, While spectacular, this “action” bias lacks a bit of adaptation and balance. He gives survivors the impression of controlling super powerful heroes, of not being at the mercy of the demon, which goes against the genre itself, which wants to create a terrifying and anxious atmosphere. This feeling is further enhanced when playing with friends. Against a close-knit team, the demon has almost no chance of winning.

Evil Dead: The Game: We survive with class despite a broken team


Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?

Devilishly opposite gameplay-wise, playing Kandar’s demon mostly results in the control of a built-in camera floating in the air; a more than welcome idea that directly echoes the saga’s various feature films, since the demon, an evil presence that possesses everything is anything, is above all represented in the films by a spinning subjective sight. When you control this camera, the goal is to scare the various survivors who wander through the forest, by opening portals here and there that let skeletons, zombies and other deformities through. The wisest players can even let the heroes get started to prepare the ground where they are likely to pass, by installing minions and traps. For example, it is possible to put mini-ashes in supply boxes, which will delight fans of the third film, or even to give life to certain trees, which will not hesitate to beat the heroes’ heads with their branches.

Solo for single players:

Evil Dead: The Game is above all a multiplayer production that gets its full meaning when five players are in a single game, but to satisfy all player profiles, the title from Saber Interactive also offers a solo component. In particular, there are five missions that resume Ash Williams’ various adventures and that allow you to unlock new heroes, but also an opportunity to play only the main mode with AI.

All these manipulations make it possible to increase the strength of the demon and at the same time instill fear in the eyes of the members of the opposing team. This is where it all gets interesting, because once a character is scared, it is possible to possess them for a while to turn them against their friends. Besides, as a demon it is possible to possess the survivors but also a tree, a car and the many monsters that swarm on the map. It is even possible to embody warlords, overpowered monsters, to undermine the last forces of the enemy. Unfortunately, when playing a skeleton or an undead, the battles are a bit messy; the player will sometimes have the impression of typing into the void, blaming the lack of finish moves when playing the antagonist. Anyway, despite these small deviations, it is by checking that the game gets its full meaning as it is really satisfying to ruin the good guys game surprise them with Machiavellian plans.

We scare the survivors of Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?


Although the two gameplay suggestions are really solid, the game quickly gives the impression of going in circles. All parts are similar and are built on the same diagram: the survivors must always complete the same objectives to close the Necronomicon, and this in the same order while the demon roams around. To bring a little variety, the goals are still placed randomly on Mapbut unfortunately that is not enough. This fatigue is exacerbated by a very slow progression system and by the fact that there are only two maps to explore. Fortunately, whether they are on the old-gen or next-gen, these are very beautiful visually. They are sublimated by different luminous atmospheres, all successful, which we rediscover depending on the weather conditions. Although the surroundings are most of the time immersed in darkness, it is also possible to play on snow-covered playgrounds, to navigate the asphalt and the various muddy paths in the rain or to be chased by the demon at dawn. Also note that the cards are large enough to bring their share of ideas and environments. Players will be able to wander through Ash Williams’ iconic cabin, but also through a scrap yard, factory, aviation cemetery, mansion, cave and more. A good thing, since the movie saga Evil Dead is not really known for getting people to travel.

Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?Evil Dead The Game: As Excellent as the Sam Raimi Movies?

Unstable servers:

If the launch of Evil Dead: The Game is less catastrophic than Friday the 13th, then note that it is not complete joy. Possessed by demons, the servers appear to do as they please, and they are regularly inaccessible (which prevents players from participating in a game). Fortunately, when everything works, matchmaking is super efficient and usually finds the match in less than 30 seconds.

Let’s finally dwell on the fantasy service, because if Evil Dead: The Game is perfectionist in one area, it’s in this. In addition to collecting all the characters from the saga, Saber Interactive’s game also brings together the original cast. In Ash Williams’ skin, we find Bruce Campbell, the actor who played the license hero on screen for nearly 40 years. For their part, Betsy Baker takes over the role of Linda, Ellen Sandweiss plays Cheryl Williams again and Hal Delrich returns as Scotty. Better, all the actors in the series Ash vs. Evil Dead is also in the game, just that. To top it off, the title continues to multiply the flashes by offering players to rediscover cult sites from the movies as well as iconic phrases and even record the visual grammar of the franchise. As we said earlier, we find this famous camera on board when we embody the demon, but also the mini-Ash, the living hand, or even this famous mist which appears to be possessed. You see, with Evil Dead: The Game, fans will be thrilled.


  • Dynamic collisions …
  • Finish moves that have a mouthful
  • Characters from the entire Evil Dead saga (movies + series)
  • Two very different gameplays
  • Easy on the eye on old-gen and next-gen
  • Modes for solo players
  • A beautiful tribute to Sam Raimi’s universe

Weak points

  • … But drafts, especially when one embodies the demon
  • Only two cards
  • An eerie demon and overly resilient heroes
  • Slightly whimsical servers

Magnificent tribute to the saga that inspired it, Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that surprises with its constant dynamics and frenetic action, very well staged. Unfortunately, the software quickly rotates in circles. Despite the many playable characters and the two gameplays offered (survivor or demon), Saber Interactive’s games fail to diversify its approaches. A production that is primarily aimed at fans of the genre and the cinematic creations of Sam Raimi.


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