MultiVersus Preview: The Ultimate Challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimately?

Preview MultiVersus: The ultimate challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimately?

The Smash Bros. series dominates head and shoulders a genre it introduced in 1999 before becoming its main representative. Competitors have been successful over the years without ever being able to dethrone the Nintendo saga. In 2022, a new challenger presents itself with the main arguments as a free offer and Warner Bros. licenses … DC, Looney Tunes, Game of Thrones, etc. Is MultiVersus able to overshadow Super Smash Bros.? Ultimately? Answer in the arena.

Conditions for preview

After a 10-minute presentation made by the Player First Games studios, JV’s editors were able to enter the MultiVersus ring during the private Alpha, held from May 16-18, 2022, and discover this new fighting game, its list of fighters, its various states as well as its economic model.

Warner Video Game Multiverse

With the exception of NetherRealm studio productions (Mortal Kombat and Injustice), fighting games very rarely rely on their Story mode to stand out from the competition. In general, studios prefer to focus on the game in what it has more noble to offer. Player First Games is of this caliber and has completely abandoned the narrative dimension. MultiVersus, as the name suggests, is a 100% multiplayer and versus-centered experience.

Here’s a little context for lovers of “lore”. For some mysterious reason, some characters from various Warner Bros. have. being teleported to confront each other and that’s it. MultiVersus draws from the North American company’s catalog to put together a list of colorful and eclectic fighters as possible. The cast is, so to speak, across generations and should speak to all players, even if those born in the 80s and 90s should feel privileged. The arenas follow the same logic and occupy cult sites from the various licenses (Flagermushulen, Haunted Scooby Manor, TROPHY ROOM, Lab, House Tree, etc.).

A fighting game is also being judged on the edge of its list, and at this point, MultiVersus is not yet able to compete with its model, though its qualities should be recognized. The announced warriors, all different and drawn from very different universes, are currently 16 in number. The Holy Trinity Batman – Superman – Wonder Woman – and Harley Quinn from DC rub shoulders with Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry and Taz from Looney Tunes, but also Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Sammy and Vera (Scooby-Doo), Finn the Human and Jake the Dog (Adventure Time), Garnet and Steven (Steven Universe) and finally The Iron Giant. Player First Games even created an original character called Dog-Redeer and promised new fighters.

Purists will be able to enjoy the official voices (English only) from part of the cast. Actress Maisie Williams returns to MultiVersus as Arya Stark, as does Kevin Conroy, the actor who voiced Gotham’s vigilante in the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series. It is even possible to change the aesthetic appearance of the fighters via different variants to unlock. For example, Dark Knight can wear samurai armor. The artists even manage to fuse all these universes together, no matter how distant they are thematically and visually, thanks to a nice “3D cartoon” artistic direction, which in no way distorts the pop culture’s present icons and even emphasizes their distinctiveness.

And Super Smash Bros.-like?

MultiVersus is heavily inspired by the Super Smash Bros. saga. and does not hide it in the slightest. Player First Games uses the mechanics of the genre, Platform Fighter, recaptures them but retains their essence. Several players compete in a closed 2D arena with the aim of pushing the other fighters out by inflicting damage on them. The higher the gauge, the lighter the draft. The main principles therefore remain unchanged, even though Warner’s game tries to stand out from the competition thanks to its collaborative dimension.

MultiVersus primarily emphasizes collaboration. Several attacks and other “moves” of the characters are thought to help the teammate or even combine. Sammy can heal. Wonder Woman and Chien-Renne can bring someone back into the ring. Batman can hide himself and others under a veil of smoke. Etc. After all, regulars will be on familiar ground in the face of nervous and slightly chaotic confrontations, and above all fun from the first moments. Simple and special attacks, combinations, dodges, jumps and falls … the very essence of Platform Fighter is respected.

This desire to place teamwork at the heart of the experience is reflected in the presence of modes 2v2 and Co-op vs AI to which is added the traditional 1v1that Each man for himselfthat custom parts and to finish the laboratory, a training area to perfect your technique. All of this, of course, can be played alone against artificial intelligence. MultiVersus therefore does not offer any single player mode other than collisions with bots. Another lack of size is worth noting, though this should be temporary. The title of Warner Bros. is currently (under Private Alpha) devoid of local multiplayer modes. Nevertheless, MultiVersus is cross-play and cross save, understand here that your progress is transferred from one platform to another.

Player First Games also includes several mechanics from role-playing games. The more you play with a fighter, the more his level of mastery increases, which unlocks passive skills to equip (or not). These “perks” provide various bonuses in the arena and should not be neglected. A player with a high level of mastery of a character, maximum 15, therefore has a clear advantage without going overboard. This Light RPG dimension is found in the profile of the players who win in XP, and therefore in level … with the aim of achieving various often cosmetic items and GOLD.

MultiVersus: The ultimate challenger for Super Smash Bros.  Ultimately?

A Free-to-Play experience

MultiVersus differs from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate above all of its economic model. Take effect, this new fighting game is free to play, which involves in-app purchases and a wide range of features, starting with in-game currency and a Battle Pass. GOLD, obtained in the arena and by performing daily missions, provides, among other things, the ability to unlock new fighters as well as Assets and even XP boosts, just to unlock character mastery levels without fighting.

Battle Pass, on the other hand, encourages players to complete a whole series of challenges called “season levels” with the sole purpose of going one by one through the many levels, of which there are 50. Each level is synonymous with rewards that vary depending on the type of Battle Pass you have … free and Premium. Of course, the one who necessarily pays offers the players much more interesting items and especially new skins for the characters. This economical model guarantees access to the largest number of MultiVersus, but can become restrictive over time and therefore deter some fans of the genre.

MultiVersus: The ultimate challenger for Super Smash Bros.  Ultimately?

Our impression

MultiVersus could well appeal to Platform Fighter fans without overshadowing the master of the genre, as it is heavily inspired by … Super Smash Bros. Ultimately. The colorful multiverse of Warner Bros. as well as the fun of the matches are all arguments in favor of the title developed by Player First Games. However, the low character list, the (temporary?) Absence of local multiplayer and the Free to Play dimension may prove to be a deterrent for fighting game enthusiasts.

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