Huawei Watch D, Band 7, GT 3 Pro, Fit … we have taken responsibility for the avalanche of Huawei watches

Huawei unveiled four watches during its May 2022 event. We were able to take each of these models by the hand. Here is our first impression.

The perfect image for this article would have been an arm dressed in all the watches Huawei announced in May 2022, but it is not certain that all the models would have fit in the frame. The former world number two in telephony is definitely taking a very well-being and wearables-oriented turn.

This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, he announced no less than five new products in this fold, including four connected watches or bracelets. Shortly after the presentation, we were able to (quickly) take control of these four devices, here is our first impression.

Huawei Watch D: the most exciting

The Huawei Watch D, planned for autumn in France, is clearly the most innovative product we’ve seen in a long time.

The watch comes in the form of a relatively thick rectangular watch case, accompanied by a large bracelet, which one may find a little strange, especially for its clasp.

The Huawei Watch D strap is unlike any other. // Source: Frandroid

And in fact, this strange effect comes from the fact that the bracelet is an integral part of the watch. In fact, it incorporates a membrane that is capable of inflating to measure voltage.

The wristband of the Huawei Watch D with its inflatable diaphragm. // Source: Frandroid

Before making the measurement, tighten the bracelet properly with a paper ruler that came with it before referring to the notch on the bracelet.

The Huawei Watch D includes a slider to make the most of its health features. // Source: Frandroid

To start the blood pressure measurement, we were asked to place our hand on our shoulder and relax.

The recommended position when measuring the voltage with the Huawei Watch D. // Source: Frandroid

The watch’s interface looks a little more serious than some Huawei watches, but it fits well with its quasi-medical spirit.

Huawei also confirmed to us that the watch should integrate an electrocardiogram measurement upon release. Meanwhile, the Chinese company is also collecting data from researchers to better adapt its measures to the European population, depending on what a representative of the brand was able to explain to us.

Huawei Watch Fit 2: the most glamorous

Huawei Watch Fit 2 can be summed up in a few words: It is a very classic Huawei watch, with its interface, which we now know well. Its specificity lies in its very flat format, very much inspired by the Apple Watch.

Without being able to go into too much detail, I had the impression of a watch with a large, comfortable and easy-to-read screen (this has been enlarged compared to the old model). The model also seemed pretty easy to handle.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro: the most equipped

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is an over-equipped watch that a simple grip would not allow to understand as a whole. Be aware that in the longer term, Huawei hopes to allow the use of the electrocardiogram in this watch, but the Chinese company is awaiting the green light from the health authorities.

Meanwhile, we have seen it in its two variants: titanium and ceramic. The titanium version clearly exudes this “big watch” side, which imposes, one might even say traditional watch. As for the ceramic, its size difference (42.9 mm versus 46.6 mm) is clearly noticeable. This is a more refined version and softer to the touch, undeniably.

In both cases, the screens provided a good level of brightness and beautiful vibrant colors, highlighting the dials created specifically for these two models.

Huawei Band 7: the most surprising

It is not always necessary to surprise, especially when you have a good product in your fleet at the right price. Huawei Band 7 just takes up the very good recipe for Huawei Band 6 by refining it somewhat (9.99 mm now). Its loss in thickness is compensated by a small gain in width.

Here you can see the most important news of the model: the addition of an always on state.


In addition, we found all the usual features of the menu. The new colors seem very successful in this pop effect they are trying to produce.

This article was written as part of a press conference organized by the brand.

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