his secret garden, his villas and luxury cars, his fortune and incredible income

A monthly salary of 150,000 euros?

Information about Nagui’s salary diverges. Why ? For the animator is just not just an animator. He is present on television as well as on radio, and is also a producer. It is therefore difficult to set a salary for each month as it is changing. But some information has come on the internet. So we know that, for examplehe earns between 120,000 and 150,000 euros in annual salary to ensure the presentation of “La bande-originale”.

To this significant amount comes the amount paid to him by France Télévisions, which represents his main income. According to reports, he would earn between 750,000 and one million euros a year. Between Taratata, everyone wants to take their place in the past, and do not forget the lyrics, Nagui is at the forefront of successful shows, allowing him to steer negotiations. Estimate of his monthly salary, only for his role as host of France Télévisions is therefore 280,000 euros.

The message with the money he earns, he knows he is one of the privileged personalities of the sector. But if he is not talking about this money, we know how he spends some of it. Back, therefore, to the animator’s passions.

Beautiful cars and beautiful … shoes!

When you have the funds for Nagui, you have the funds to have expensive passions. And Nagui has some as he is a fan of beautiful cars. He is also the proud owner of a Porsche 356 C from 1965. A car that can be sold on the second-hand market for 200,000 euros. He is also a fan of newer cars, as he owns a Tesla, this technological jewel, which will undoubtedly one day be the reference car, but which is currently reserved for certain privileged people.

He was eager to take care of his future and invested in real estate. Among other things, he owns a large villa in the Saint-Tropez region. It is his second home where he likes to go in the summer with his family.

More surprisingly, Nagui is also a fan … of shoes. It has a fine collection of creations by great fashion designers, such as Louboutin. It would have many models of the brand. An addiction discovered by comedian Marina Rollman, who at France Inter does not hesitate to gently tease him with it.

Was Nagui ruined by The Artists’ poor performance?

The artist is an original French production that aims to highlight the talent of writers / composers / performers during a show where they can express themselves. 22 talents were present for the grand premiere for just one spot, after the six bonuses. And it was finally the Rouquine duo that won this big competition, against Joseph Kamel and Petite Gueule. And if the singers who made a name for themselves with their cover of I’ll go where you’ll go from the first prime can congratulate themselves on this win, France 2 have less reason to brag in view of the audience.

The launch of the show was followed by only 1.32 million people, or 8% of the audience share. And they were even fewer for the following show when The Artist, from its second bonus, fell below the million mark (990,000 viewers). The programmers therefore decided not to play in the same lane as The Voice – All-Stars (in the lead, with more than 4 million viewers). The show was therefore moved to the second part of the evening. The honor is therefore not certain, as between 22.45 and 12.50 there were only 541,000 believers, which corresponds to only 5.9% of the public.

Honestly, he spoke of this disappointment: ” Without waffling, it is a negative balance from an economic point of view, as as soon as you change box, you change price. We were presumptuous about what the public wanted to see on Saturday night in prime time. I believed and convinced everyone that there was room for creation and that the public needed something new“.

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