Hermès, Airbus, Thales … these companies that make students dream

As every year, the Universe interviewed tens of thousands of French students to find out their favorite employers.

The giants of the economy are always the ones who make French students dream. As every year, the Swedish Universum (specialist in employer branding) surveyed tens of thousands of French students (more than 31,600 exactly from 170 different schools and universities) to find out which companies they dream of working with.

“In France, the ranking of students’ preferred employers, which we have published every year since 1999, has thus become one of the best barometers for evaluating a company’s ability to attract and inspire young graduates,” explains Julien Marchalant, Global Account Director at Universum. Several rankings have been established for this 2022 edition.

Thales doubles Google among engineers

In the business / management category Bac + 4 / + 5 we find, as usual, a leader in luxury with LVMH, which retains first place ahead of Hermes, which makes a remarkable entry in second place (the company had never been in the Top5). Chanel closes the podium in front of L’Oréal and Apple.

“It shows the interest in luxury in terms of employer attractiveness. The podium consists 100% of luxury companies. We also see an increase in the banking sector, which goes hand in hand with the desire to win a good salary. Conversely, auditing and strategy consulting attract a little less. It is demanding sectors, while young people want a better balance in life “, explains our colleagues from EkkoerAurélie Robertet, French Director of the Universe.

In the category Bac + 4 / + 5 engineers, the podium for the most popular companies consists of Airbus (regularly in the lead), Thales and Google. For ten years clinging to third place, Thales, who has the luxury of overtaking Google, is also pleased with this increase.

“Thales plans to recruit 11,000 people by 2022, including nearly 4,000 in France, and among them a majority of young graduates. This recognition from the university world is good news,” responded Clément de Villepin, Director General of Human Resources.

In this ranking, Dassault Aviation and Apple occupy 4th and 5th place.

Rising wage expectations

On the IT side (computing, telecom, etc.) at Bac + 4 / + 5, it is not surprising that Google remains in first place ahead of Microsoft and Apple. We find Thales in 4th place ahead of video game publisher Ubisoft.

In terms of aspirations, the study’s conclusions may be surprising. While it was thought that young people now demand more flexibility at work, more respect for their privacy or even more meaning, it is the prospect of a good salary or high future income that comes out on top among Business / Management and IT students. Only the engineers place the ambition on the missions or even the atmosphere in the first place.

Whether they are salespeople or engineers, they ultimately focus on the same top priorities.

“Students feel in a position of strength again because they know they are highly sought after by companies and even over-encouraged by them. Their wage expectations therefore rise correspondingly: where they usually rise from 1 or 2% in a year, they rise here with 5 to 6%, as if future talents would make up for these 2 lost years ”, comments Universum.

These starting requirements are 38,000 euros per year for vocational / management graduates, almost 39,000 euros per year for engineers and 40,600 euros per year for IT professionals.

Finally, a large majority of students (68%) want to work for a company founded in France, which has international activities (79%) and which is located in a large city (74%).

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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