he buys luxury cars with money from property sales that have not been reported to the tax authorities while receiving RSA

A 30-year-old man is suspected by the courts of having made several million euros in trading real estate at the Swiss border … while he was a beneficiary of the RSA. Details.

“Businessism wins Hauts-Doubs” according to State Attorney Étienne Manteaux, who on Thursday, May 19, wanted to draw public opinion to a case of property speculation at the gates of neighboring Switzerland.

A 32-year-old man, resident of Fontenelles, was arrested on May 16 for his economic activities. The latter captured investigators from the Pontarlier and Morteau brigades.

A supporter of bodybuilding, the man from Pays de Montbéliard used to share his flashy lifestyle on social networks. Big cars, luxury watches, designer clothes and jewelry … for someone who is officially declared a recipient of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA). The man had nevertheless set up two companies: one which had no real activity; and the other which was a real estate company with a “turnover of several million” euros according to the prosecution.

“With frontier workers having a higher wage, this provides purchasing power, which creates a strong attractiveness for real estate on the Swiss border.” explains the prosecutor, while reminding that real estate and transactions obviously do not pose a problem for justice as long as they are declared under the law.

The Franc-Comtois in question went on to “numerous acquisitions and resales. Nothing illegal so far, except that there was no translation in his personal tax returns of these products made through financial transactions”.

The individual is implicated in two offenses: covert labor and money laundering of covert labor. He would have achieved a turnover of several million euros without disclosing it.

Prestigious vehicles were seized, including a new Lamborghini worth 265,000 euros, as well as a Mercedes worth at least 50,000 euros. The two vehicles registered in Monaco were found in boxes belonging to the father of the thirties. Seizures that objectify the fact that there is apparently a significant concealment of the products manufactured, adds Etienne Manteaux. It is an almost caricatured case of both the use of social assistance, but without the desire not to participate in collective solidarity by not declaring its products. A case that I find quite symptomatic. “

At the end of his custody, he was jailed in execution of sentence as he had a sentence of 3 months to serve because of several offenses (petty drug dealing, drug use, etc.) committed earlier. He explains that he sold his main home and disputes the alleged facts.

There must be equality for all before the tax law. It’s something we love. There are many expectations of domestic violence, attacks on people, and that is very important, but we must also deal with other crime spectrums because it is fundamental in terms of equality before the law.

Étienne Manteaux, public prosecutor in Besançon

The investigation will continue in the coming weeks to demonstrate the number of completed sales. The exact amount of profit must be assessed. “There is strong reason to fear that we will find a whole landfill of criminal acts. The incredible thing is that he could have been eligible for RSA with such economic activity.” ends the public prosecutor in Besançon.

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