Can Doctor Strange 2 hit the billion mark at the box office?

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness has already raised more than 700 million, but can it hit the billion like other Avengers and Marvel movies?

Due to the pandemic, Black widow, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and The Eternal had been disappointments at the cash office, with scores around 400 million each. Due to a perfectly orchestrated giga event, Spider-Man: No Way Home the counters exploded, by 1.8 billion. in the box.

Phase 4 of the MCU thus started in pleasurable chaos, and it is in this context that Doctor Strange 2 arrived, to continue the successor season, before Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Captain Marvel 2 aka The Marvels.

But how far can one go Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness ? Is the billion on the horizon? And above all: does it really matter?

Marvel at motivating audiences to go to the cinema

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In 2017, the first Doctor Strange ended his career with 677 million kroner at the worldwide ticket office. In 2022, Doctor Strange 2 needed only a few weeks to surpass it, and cross 700 million.

700 million have already been placed Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness Before Thor 2 (644 million), Ant Man 2 (623 million), Iron Man 2 (621 million), Iron Man (585 million), Ant man (518 million) and Thor (449 million). Without forgetting the bad students Shang Chi (432 million), The Eternal (402 million) and Black widow (379 million).

Doctor Strange 2 will necessarily exceed Captain America 2 (714 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy (770 million), even Thor: Ragnarok (850 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (869 million). Outside of MCU, the comparison is also flattering since wonder Woman (822 million) and Batman vs. Superman (822 million) is in the firing line, and Batman (768 million) before that.

Leaving aside superheroes, Strange’s return is approaching Fast & Furious 9 (721 million), and the latest James Bond, Death can wait (774 million).

It remains to be seen how far the film directed by Sam Raimi will go. A priori, billion still seems far away, maybe even too far. And this is not a bad surprise or a disappointment: on the contrary, it is logical.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photoThe power of God

the man who was worth nearly a billion

So far, 10 of MCU’s 28 films have crossed the billion mark, and all had reason to explode the counters. Movie avengers ? Excluding category. Civil war ? A semi-avengers. Iron Man 3 ? The character was not only the MCU superstar, but the film was also released shortly after. avengers. Spider Man ? Its popularity is incomparable.

The only exceptions are Black Panther and Captain Marvel, especially since it was not successors. They represent the two facets that are crucial to extraordinary billionaire success: a gigantic phenomenon in the United States, and a great international career. Two things Marvel’s Wizard might be missing.

Black Panther was an incredible phenomenon in the United States, where he collected more than 700 million (the third highest score in the MCU, before Infinity War). Captain Marvel was a worldwide hit, with more than 700 million in total, in addition to a solid score in the United States (the effect avengers helped when the film was released between Infinity War and Playoffs).

Doctor Strange 2 is not far behind, but a priori it will miss a slight boost, whether domestic or foreign.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo, Benedict CumberbatchTrivia: Wong plays Wong

doctor us-strange

American side, Doctor Strange 2 is, of course, a success. He raised more than 187 million for his first weekend, a score closeAvengers 2 (191 million) and Black Panther (202 million). It’s even better than Captain Marvel (153 million). But the question is always about keeping over the weeks, and what Multiverse of madness seems more unsettling to the public and slows its course after the almost automatic arousal of the exit – a bit like Batman vs. Superman.

First indicator: the film fell by 67% for its second US weekend, to “settle” with 61 million. After that, it can only go down more and more.

The comparison with Batman is funny. The film directed by Matt Reeves had started lower (134 million) but had collected more on its second weekend (66 million), thanks to a less drastic drop. No way home fell correspondingly Doctor Strange 2… but had started much higher, had kept the Christmas holiday in his teeth and had maintained himself in an exceptional way.

At first glance, Doctor Strange 2 will hit 400 million on the domestic sidea very strong number, corresponding to far from home and Iron Man 3. A good score therefore, but still far from Marvel phenomena (Black Panther, avengers, Spider Man).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Photo Benedict CumberbatchCalculation of the ticket office by territorial segment


Outside the United States, Doctor Strange 2 came out everywhere, but suffered a (big) brake with China, or rather the absence of China. 630 million for Avengers: Endgame360 mio. for Infinity Waralmost 200 million. for Spider-Man: Far from homemore than 150 million for Captain Marvel… The Marvel brand has established itself in this area. The first Doctor Strange earned 109 millionso the sequel could only get better.

But Disney and Marvel will have to a priori to abandon China. In April, Deadline reported that a scene or rather a picture of the film was problematic: the newspaper Epoch Times, seen at a kiosk on the sidelines of the match against Gargantos. As the business is notorious for its stance against the Chinese Communist Party, the country has not issued an operational visa and all indications are that there will not be.

The missing output of Doctor Strange 2 would be a continuation of Eternal, Shang Chi, No way home and company, all deprived of exploitation. Since Playoffsno film won a visa.

Another small factor: Russia, the boycott of Disney and the other big studios. The country brings in less (22 million at first) Doctor Strange), but still.

Assessment: a potential loss of 100-150 million.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photoThe communist is in the detail

million-nerf of war

Roughly speaking, DOctor Strange in the multiverse of madness should remain at the gate to the billion. If he crosses this course, it will be a priori only. The blockbuster was to hit 400 million at the domestic box office and 550 million internationally, to reach around 900-950 million. Forbes consider it Doctor Strange 2 may not even reach 900 million in the coffers, and will remain at 150-200 million of the famous billion.

However, this is only a symbolic process. The film does not have to join the billionaire circle to be a success, and Marvel does not have to to move on. Even with 850 million. Doctor Strange 2 would be among the top of the box office basket, next to it Thor 3, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the gates of the top 10 therefore.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Photo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom HollandSeparate the billionaire

The Thanos craze has been an incomparable peak in business, Spider-Man: No Way Home was an exceptional event, but the Marvel standard has never been the billion. And basically it is not the industry either, despite the signals sent from billionaire boxes like e.g. Lions King, Jurassic World, Fast and furious, Snow Queen, Joker, Aquamanand company.

For a classic MCU adventure, this course remains extraordinary, even more so without a boost avengers. Even without the billion, Doctor Strange 2 will therefore continue to be a very great success ; especially without China, which remains a false economic boost, as studies recover much less there than elsewhere (and often with a small reunion to satisfy censorship). The wizard therefore effortlessly confirms his central place in the future of the MCU and will still have many other opportunities to approach or exceed this level.

Next question: to know about Thor 4 (in cinemas on July 13 in France) will do better. And if it is released in China.

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