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Is it possible to buy a durable smartphone? Between the various ecological obligations, software updates and repair options, the selection criteria are not always clear to understand. Also, be careful not to get fooled by the eco-phone theme. We invite you to discover which brands offer phones with the best longevity.

Buying a smartphone is not something that is taken lightly. Acquiring such a product actually involves costs, whether they are budgetary or environmental. In light of the prices that have been imposed on the market in recent years, many want to turn to models that are able to combine performance and durability, whether it is in an organic approach or just to get a better return on investment. .

On the manufacturer side, many brands have become aware of such a problem and do not skimp on communication. Companies like Apple or Fairphone ensure that the design of their devices is as green as possible. Admittedly, the effort is commendable, but the overall longevity of a smartphone must also be considered.

If you are looking to acquire a smartphone that will last you a long time, a very important element to take into account is why duration of updates performed by the manufacturers, which makes it possible to extend the life of a device. Another crucial point, it is necessary to distinguish between environmentally responsible and organic smartphone. A mobile can be environmentally responsible, but very rarely organic.

If you want to make an environmentally responsible purchase, here are some keys to learning as much as possible. Be aware that one of the solutions is to invest in a refurbished smartphone. In fact, you are giving a different life to a product. This will have the effect of avoiding the creation of a new phone.

Apple: 7 years with major updates on iOS

When it comes to updates, Apple is the best in the global phone market. However, the Cupertino company is the only one that does not communicate openly about software updates. With each new version of iOS, the manufacturer communicates about the models that are eligible for the update. The latest version of the operating system is compatible up to iPhone 6S. A smartphone yet to be released in 2015.

Apple iPhone SE 5G 2022
Source: FANDROID – Anthony WONNER

In addition to updates, the Cupertino company imposes on its products real ecological choices. Recently, chargers have simply disappeared from iPhone cases. This allows the manufacturer to reduce its emissions. In addition, Tim Cook has recently made carbon neutrality a priority for both Apple and its suppliers. In 2017, a Greenpace chart put the Apple company just behind Fairphone on the brand’s green commitments. Recently, the company has taken stock of its advances in recycling, especially for its smartphones.

Of course, not everything is rosy for the manufacturer as there is still criticism of the company. In particular, it would need to revise its policy to move towards a logic of repair rather than recycling. In fact, the rare earths that are essential to the construction of a smartphone are gradually shrinking. The manufacturer has just launched the Self Service Repair program in the United States. A first step in this direction. But if you are looking for a durable and environmentally friendly phone, the iPhone has a choice if you pay the price.

Fairphone: 7 years of Android updates

In the sector, Fairphone is a real UFO. The manufacturer’s smartphones impose a dilemma on their future buyers. On the one hand their ecological beliefs and on the other hand their desire to have a modern phone. No matter what versions are marketed, these are lagging behind, especially on their versions of Android.

The Fairphone 4 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

In return, the design of the device respects many ecological standards by using a large amount of recyclable materials. But that’s not all. For example, Fairphone 4 achieves the maximum score of 10/10 of the iFixit website. This allows the user to replace all the items that make up the smartphone. Let’s add that the updates are provided by the manufacturer. For example, the Fairphone 2, released in 2015, is still relevant even though the phone has just been upgraded to Android 10.

Above all, you need to be ready to make big concessions on the features of your phone. Especially since the software is not error free. During our test returns, it was the number 1 criticism of the manufacturer.

Samsung: 4 years with major updates to Galaxy S and some Galaxy A

The number one version of Android telephony still has a long way to go in terms of software tracking. If iOS reaches 7 years, it’s hard to find an Android model that requires more than three years of full support. Samsung has just corrected this anomaly with the presentation of the Galaxy S22. From now on, the S-Series will support four years of major updates.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

A decision that is welcome, even though at the moment there are only advanced devices and some A-references. Galaxy J and Galaxy M still have to wait to get the right to so much support. Especially since at the Korean manufacturer, it is the medium-sized units that sell best to the general public. The Galaxy A53 and A33 are already eligible for five years of updates, including four different versions of Android.

Within the product component, after mocking Apple for the withdrawal of chargers, Samsung imitated its rival. Advanced devices are no longer eligible for additional charging blocks, and company executives are considering extending this decision. Thus, all the series could no longer have chargers in their boxes. However, the manufacturer still has to make some effort to see if its devices can be repaired. However, it is recommended to choose a Samsung smartphone for a better longevity.

Google: 3 year updates for Pixel 6

It was an anomaly on Android. Google, the owner of the eponymous operating system, provided only three years of software support for its smartphones. With the Pixel 6 series, the case is now settled. The manufacturer’s new devices benefit from 5 years of support. Be careful though, the selection will only be eligible for three versions of Android, while the last two years will focus on security updates.

Google Pixel 6 Pro in hand
Google Pixel 6 Pro in hand // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Especially with this selection, Google marks a turning point in its smartphone policy. The US company has decided to trust that the iFixit site sells spare parts for its advanced phones. As a reminder, the Pixel 6’s repair score reaches 6.4 / 10, while the Pro version is at 6.3 / 10. A sign that there is still great progress to be made for the manufacturer.

As with Apple, the company also communicates a lot about its CO2 impact. For all its products, the latter prefers recyclable materials with the aim of giving each device a new life. So much so that the new devices also do not have chargers in the boxes.

Oppo and OnePlus: 3 year updates

The Chinese brand is relatively young in the global mobile phone market. Above all, it took advantage of the already well-established OnePlus to pool its development efforts and offer excellent software monitoring on its smartphones. Of course, it is the advanced devices that benefit from 3 years of major updates and 4 years of security. For the rest of the Oppo smartphone catalog, two OS updates are planned. Eventually, OxygenOS and ColorOS would merge.

Oppo Find X5 Pro
Oppo Find X5 Pro // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

As with all major players in the sector, Oppo communicates a lot about its long-term ecological ambitions. This results primarily in a partnership with the eco-label Eco Rating. Of course, the manufacturer prefers renovation over repair options. There is still a long way to go for the latter.

For their devices, Oppo and OnePlus have not yet fully implemented an action plan around their ecological discourse. Telephone chargers are still present in the boxes, while the materials used are not all certified 100% environmentally responsible.

Vivo and Xiaomi: still a little too fair

In the global mobile phone market, some Android manufacturers are still lagging behind with software updates but are still making an effort.

Vivo: 3 years support on the X-series

Still fresh on the market in Europe, the Chinese manufacturer still wants to offer its update program. Currently, only the advanced devices called X have full software tracking for three full years. For the other Y and V series, we are heading towards two major updates and three years of security fixes.

Xiaomi: 3 years with big updates at the high end

Xiaomi is a heavyweight in terms of sales. So much so that the manufacturer has entered the top 3 of the top brands with Apple and Samsung. But unlike its competitors, the brand does not yet provide software monitoring that lives up to its status. The range of 11T and 11T Pro benefits from four years of software monitoring, including three major updates, and the entire manufacturer’s top range will be eligible for it.

What future for more durable smartphones?

What political actions are being taken?

Currently, the different governments are taking different measures around the ecological issue on smartphones. On a continental scale, the EU is multiplying its desire to introduce a universal charger. While in France, MPs voted for the private copy tax, making refurbished smartphones a little more expensive.

Should we prefer repair or renovation?

Both solutions are relevant when ecology and telephony are combined. In France, a repair index is now mandatory. This allows you to extend the life of the product. The alternative is to acquire a refurbished smartphone. This avoids the production of a new device and at the same time gives a model a new life.

What are the criteria for a good durable smartphone?

In order for your smartphone to last over time, you need to pay attention to a few criteria on it. Thus, there are some elements that it is necessary to dwell on in order to have a durable product.

  • The level of protection with, if possible, a waterproofing certification
  • The internal battery
  • The processor
  • Easy repair
  • Update time
  • Availability of spare parts

With all these elements combined, it will be possible to have a smartphone with a better lifespan. Of course, if these criteria are met, they are not everything. It is imperative that you take care of your phone and do not consider it a manifestation projectile. Our team has written a little handy guide to help you on a daily basis.

The difference between ecological and environmental responsible

In addition to the ecological actions announced by the manufacturer, it is necessary to consult some components in the construction of a smartphone. It is almost impossible to have an ecological phone as the construction of a device is polluting. Due to the rare materials needed, but also the various transits to get to your hand.

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