The room for maneuver in the service of corporate culture

Do you know the great adventure of the escape game? Did you know that there are more than 800 escape games in France (source 2020)? Since the opening of the very first concept in Paris in 2013, the fire hat around escape games has grown to an incredible extent. If the tests at first could seem simple and basic, the market has experienced significant growth, which has given rise to escape games with formidable tests and fascinating stories.

More than a friendly moment with friends, the escape game has become an activity in itself for companies that leverage it as a lever for leadership, internal communication and team building. To find out more, we meet Damien Lapipe, CEO and founder of the escape game THE ONE Escape in Paris.

JUPDLC: Can you give us your definition of an escape game?

Damien Lapipe: An escape game, as the name suggests, is a life-size immersive game concept where players must complete a mission and / or reach a goal within a given time. In an enclosed space, they will evolve in immersive environments, they will search, manipulate, gather their brains to solve puzzles to move forward in the story until they reach their primary goal.

JUPDLC: Tell us about your concept? How original are your ideas?

Our sign was imagined for the purpose of bringing a new breath to the escape game. All of our adventures bring together different state-of-the-art mechanisms designed to make players experience real sensations and make their experience increasingly immersive and sensational.

In addition, our adventure “The crime of the Orient Express”Has the special thing about mixing escape games, murder parties and immersive theater in a surprising cocktail. In fact, players will have to embody the passengers on the train, all of whom will be suspected of the murder, and they will have to perform various missions to solve the plot and reveal the killer who will be hiding among the players.

JUPDLC: What type of clients do you receive?

Today we receive two types of customers:

– The first (70% of our activity) is the private clientele, generally men and women between 18 and 45 years who want to have fun with friends, we also receive a lot of family groups on the weekends or even corporate events birthday type or EVG / EVJF .

The other (30% of our activity) is business clients, generally within the framework of a seminar, to bring together employees who do not know each other, to strengthen the bonds between their teams or more generally just to thank employees for a playful and fun arrangement.

JUPDLC: More and more companies are choosing escape games to bring employees together. How can you explain that?

It is undeniable, today the activity of Escape Game is a great success with companies. Furthermore, we see it through the number of reservations we receive from them. At the same time, the escape game concept leads players to collaborate in a fun and stimulating way in a life-size game in space with movie sets, each more realistic than the other, and they like it when looking for an activity to bring together and unite their partners . In this race against time, employees will reveal themselves through collective intelligence. Everyone wants to show initiative and will actively participate in the group’s success. It will be crucial for them to collaborate and communicate so as not to waste time and succeed in the common mission. In addition to being a wonderful icebreaker, the escape game makes it possible to highlight all of these professional lessons that are directly induced by the game. The debriefing after a session and then intervening as a team coaching session.

Moreover, it is an original, playful and fun activity and is celebrated by a large number of people today. With this association vector, the company or organization knows that the partners will enjoy and will remember this moment of cohesion.

JUPDLC: What is the added value of an escape game to create this famous sense of belonging?

I think I can say that the escape game is one of the best ways to bring people together and make them aware that we are collectively evolving more efficiently and faster than individually. The fact of having to develop as a team encourages the group to stick together and unite to develop in the same harmony and be more productive. This famous sense of belonging stems from this, which will unite the group and create a sense of success, which will motivate and stimulate progress in the game. All members of the team will have a key role in solving the event and the task. help their team. Finally, they will all feel concerned about a common goal, which will reinforce their sense of belonging to the group.

JUPDLC: If the escape room model is not so new, then how do you manage to make a difference and reinvent yourself?

That’s a very good question. Today, I believe that people who love escape games are diversifying and reaching a community of experience and “WAOW” enthusiasts. What they want is to have fun and experience a game that will stick in their mind and keep them talking about it for hours after the game is over.

Based on this observation and taking into account the development of innovations that are becoming more and more digital, not to mention the experiences that everyone wants to be as immersive and sensational as possible, it seems obvious that the concept of escape games must develop to adapt to these new criteria.

THE ONE Escape has therefore made it an honor to give energy and reinvent the gaming experience. This will go through the sets, but also the many technologies that are present in the spaces or the game concept to which we have brought a very advanced role-playing game. very little used in Escape Games.

Of course, we need to continue in our momentum and offer new spaces that must always be more immersive and offer a reinvented and more participatory gaming experience. The gaming world and our customers’ expectations are constantly changing, and in my opinion, the key to success lies in the pursuit of new sensations.

JUPDLC: Brands are becoming more and more involved in escape game formats (Ubisoft, La Poste, Orange). From a marketing standpoint, what is the benefit of an escape game for its brand image?

Escape Game is actually a lever to convey a strong brand image throughout the game. We are seeing it more and more in the field of video games where we will also be talking about Gaming Marketing. Brands will use it to build their brand marketing and unite their community by using the escape game as a means to their brand image.

Brands want to create an escape game in their image to achieve an original and relevant customer acquisition arm, while strengthening the ties to their community / consumers. I am thinking in particular of Chupa Chups, who in collaboration with Netflix made an online escape game with their Chupa Chups in Casa Del Papel’s universe.

I’m also thinking of brands that organize fugitive games to promote the release of one of their products with a room in the right place that they invest in to turn it into a communications and promotional medium. The concept of the escape game is taken up with the purpose of carrying out a mission around the brand or product in a playful and fun way.

To return to the topic of the escape game in the service of the corporate culture, we can also think of the brands that use it as part of their brand marketing and that unite their employees and their community by using the escape game as a vector for their corporate culture. Thus, through the game, they will be able to reflect their value of closeness to their partners, to convey sharing, collaboration, listening or even to emphasize the importance of the well-being of their employees.

JUPDLC: Finally, what future for the escape game in 5 years?

To this question, I can only wish that the market continues to diversify for the benefit of our players! The number of brands has continued to rise since the first appearance in France in 2013, and the pace continues to be maintained even after the crisis. However, the entrance ticket is more and more important, and the new entrants will have a much harder time finding themselves if they do not bring news, whether it is in the story, the staging, the mechanisms, the wow effects, the acting or the role-playing.

As time goes on, players become more and more experienced and mechanically more and more attentive to detail and therefore demanding. I believe that the future of Escape Game lies in new ways of playing, new interactions, new ways of reinventing the very concept of Escape Game.

For those who want to try THE ONE Escape Adventure, this is it!

The editors of JUPDLC live from THE ONE Escape

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