Thanks to SFR, get the all-new Honor Magic4 Lite at the best price

The Honor Magic4 Lite, unveiled earlier this year, is now available for sale. But it is at SFR that you will find it at the best price, as it drops to 1 euro (after ODR), if you subscribe to the operator’s 5G 150 GB package.

Magic4 Lite // Source: Honor

Now out of Huawei’s lap, Honor has set out to win back its audience. An operation involving the release of three new smartphones between May and June. Among them Magic4 Lite, a mid-range smartphone that has serious assets in its pocket. 66-watt fast charging, well-stocked photo unit, 120 Hz screen and technical magazine that relies on reliability and versatility: hard to find fault with.

SFR has understood this and has therefore decided to include this brand new smartphone in its catalog of devices offered as part of its Bonus Smartphone packages. The operator therefore allows you to currently acquire it for a small euro by combining an ODR of 50 euros and the subscription to its 5G 150 GB package. We explain everything to you.

Honor Magic4 Lite: a versatile technical sheet in a beautiful case

On paper, Honor Magic4 Lite is good. Its design first, all in sobriety and which does not preclude a slight touch of originality. Thus, there are simple lines and a beautiful curved screen that fills almost the entire front of the smartphone. At the back, the matte back reveals a rounded photo module. The grip is comfortable and the mobile is very comfortable to use. It is also available in three original colors to say the least: Titanium Silver, Midnight Black and Ocean Blue.

Magic4 Lite // Source: Honor

The comfort of this mobile also goes through a beautiful 6.81-inch screen at 120 Hz, ideal for enjoying video content or low-consumption mobile games. On the back, the device displays no less than three sensors: a 48-megapixel main sensor, a reserved 2-megapixel depth of field, and finally a macro sensor for shooting very dense subjects.

In the belly of the beast, we find a very honorable configuration for a mid-range smartphone. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 695 SoC as well as 6 GB RAM (+2 GB virtual memory) and 128 GB storage space. Enough to keep a number of files of any kind, and happily run most of the programs you may need.

On the autonomy side, it is almost flawless with a 4,800 mAh battery and above all the presence of the 66 watt SuperCharge signed Honor. A system that allows you to go from 0 to 97% in less than 50 minutes, which is a great achievement.

Magic4 Lite // Source: Honor

To complete this attractive technical sheet, it is worth pointing out that this Honor Magic4 Lite is compatible with the latest 5G network standard, and above all, that it benefits from all Google services. Certain benefits of a smartphone are offered at this price.

What does the SFR 5G 150 GB subscription offer?

Thanks to its 5G offers with the Smartphone bonus, SFR gives you not only access to packages with premium services, but also to many benefits associated with your mobile, including the ability to acquire a new terminal at a reduced price. In this case, it’s the brand new Honor Magic4 Lite, which goes for one euro after ODR of 50 euros, if you subscribe to the operator’s 5G 150 GB plan. With this formula, you will be entitled to:

  • 150 GB mobile internet in 4G and 5G in the metropolitan area of ​​France;
  • 100 GB mobile internet from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France to landlines and mobiles in France and the overseas departments;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra;
  • SFR smartphone bonuses.

As their name suggests, Bonus Smartphone plans offer many benefits over your terminal. In addition to obtaining a nice discount when buying a new device, SFR also guarantees you the best prices for telephone switching, whether it is for resuming the current one or acquiring the new one. To avoid damaging anything, the operator also offers you warranties in case of a problem with your smartphone. If you are exposed to a breakdown, theft, loss or breakdown, you will receive a loan telephone as soon as possible.

To take advantage of the Honor Magic4 Lite at the best price, subscribe for 24 months to the 5G 150 GB subscription currently offered by SFR. It will cost you 30 euros a month the first year, then 45 euros a month the following year. Box SFR customers will be happy to learn that they are entitled to a small reduction, which lowers the bill to 22 euros for the first 12 months and 37 euros for the following 12 months.

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