Shadow increases the power of its subscription, and its price also …

On the occasion of its very first keynote, Shadow detailed its strategy for the future of its cloud computing service. The company wants to be crucial for gamers, creators and professionals. And this especially involves the arrival of a new subscription, more powerful, but also more expensive.

Shadows cloud computing is enriched with an opportunity to appeal to gamers // Source: Shadow

During Shadow Spotlight, its very first keynote held on Wednesday, the company unveiled the Power option, which enriches the French company’s offer after drastically revising its proposals last year. “The best of our cloud computing technologyExplains Shadow CEO Eric Sèle, who took over after the investment fund bought Octave Klaba, founder of OVHCloud, in the spring of 2021.

Last year, the pricing policy had been revised upwards and simplified not only to be too diversified, but also to reduce losses, while responding to inquiries. For this, new subscriptions had been opened, and now anyone who wants to subscribe to Shadow can do so and be connected to an advanced PC in the cloud in 1 hour. The arrival of the Power option will allow you to expand the offer a little more.

The players in the sights

We are not available in Shadow. Several updates recently brought dual-screen and remote-screen compatibility, color enhancement, early access to Shadow VR to enjoy virtual reality in the cloud. And apps will get a redesigned interface with a new logo design.

The Shadow launcher gets a facelift with a new logo // Source: Shadow

All of this follows a new, clear path: Shadow now wants to rethink itself as a service offering, with the PC in the cloud at the center and the ability to tailor its performance to its needs. For this, the Power option will enrich the current offer to 29.99 euros per month.

The power setting includes:

  • An AMD EPYC 7543P processor with 4 cores and 8 wires
  • A GPU depending on the local data center:
    • Nvidia RTX A4500 or Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 class graphics card
    • Similar graphics card from NVIDIA designed for professionals
    • AMD RDNA 2-based graphics card including AMD Radeon PRO V620 designed for cloud computing and gaming
  • 16 GB RAM
  • A 1 Gb / s connection (as the basic offer)


With this offering, Shadow makes no secret of aiming above all at gamers by offering them a more powerful configuration at the GPU level. For some more demanding software to run on the servers, the lack of RAM could be felt. “We want to become essential again in cloud gaming. That’s why most users come to see us“says Éric Sèle, while his predecessors nevertheless tried to erase the” gaming “image of Shadow in order to promote the less universal and diversified” cloud computing “smaller division.”We will do everything and offer a solution for everyone, from the creative to the professional, including the player.“, Answers the owner of the place, as we emphasize the change of vocabulary and paradigm.

An option that inflates the bill

However, it will require a little more checkout. The Power option is advertised at 14.99 euros per month, which will bring the subscription up to almost 45 euros per month. “It’s actually a bit more expensive, but we have to deal with the difficulty of finding graphics cards, component issues, and server management.“, We emphasize at Shadow, adding that with an additional 15 euros, the cost is at its tightest and the margin minimal.

Currently, Shadow wants to go exclusive with its new option. “We continue to keep our promise to always have up-to-date and high-performance equipment,” said Shadow’s CEO. “The old remains in a corner of our heads to do something different in the future. And why not a less ambitious and cheaper Shadow offer for those who want to settle for a little too simple office automation? It can not be ruled out, we get that know…

Pre-orders for the Power option will begin this summer for availability in the fall. It is possible to sign up to hope to attend early access. Current Shadow subscribers will of course have priority, but then any new user will be able to register and subscribe to the Power setting.

The offered storage space does not change in relation to the basic offer (256 GB and the possibility of adjustment in addition). For 15 euros more per month, and a targeted target for creators and professionals, even gamers, it would have been interesting perhaps to increase to 500 GB of space, if only to be sure to be able to download more than two major games without reach saturation. But for that, Shadow has a solution fresh out of his pocket, Shadow Drive, which will offer 20 GB of free storage and up to 2 TB in the premium version.

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