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Recently, AXII Star Chain launched a service-oriented BaaS management system and updated the core algorithm to improve the Gamefi ecosystem.

Today, metaverse, NFT and GAMEFI have become popular topics whose trading spaces are huge. The technology game industry has focused on how to seize the initiative from relative industries. The low technical skills that generally existed in this industrial sector, and the shortcomings of industrial design, posed major challenges for this ecosystem. On the other hand, the rapid development of blockchain technology has brought new vitality and power to the GAMEFI industry. In the meantime, the development situations of these technology companies are worth the wait.

The AXII Star Chain plan was designed in the same way as the metaverse. It is the world’s first virtual 3D manipulation of the Star Warship meta-sharing platform using blockchain technology. The AXII Star Chain DAO organization has understood the future development benefits of GAMEFI. He worked closely with two major American gaming companies, American Electronic Arts and The American Unique Rock Smart Fund, to build the world’s first virtual 3D manipulation of Star Warship’s metaverse sharing platform. Star Wishes • Mars Exploration GAMEFI.American Electronic Arts, as a world-renowned interactive entertainment software company, has branches worldwide. In addition, it also has a certain status in the field of gaming, as it has high efficiency of technical processing ability. The technical strength of American Electronic Arts by AXII Star Chain has applied a new technological advantage to the Mars Exploration GAMEFI platform, the one built by the AXII Star Chain DAO organization.

1. Decentralized scenarios application development platform

AXII Star Chain is a public chain at the bottom of high-speed cross-chain asset circulation, which has adopted multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallelism, multi-hybrid and recognition mechanism and system for exploiting inter-chain atoms. The star chain is a kind of blockchain background ecosystem whose point-to-point currency transfers can be implemented through currency transfer protocols, which have characteristics such as high performance, high throughput and fast security. Thus, an ecologically decentralized scenario application development platform that can support multiple industrial sectors is built by the bottom layer of the multi-chain.

The alliance between the AXII Star Chain organization and American Electronic Arts demonstrates the advantageous position of Star Wishes • Mars Exploration GAMEFI. The decentralized environmentally friendly scenario development platform that can support multiple industry sectors integrated by the AXII Star Chain plan is governed by the interactive operating environment of the integrated chain, which is formed using its technological developments. This integrated cross-platform operating environment can deliver a complete set of development tools. It is open to developers and provides one-stop technical support for the NFT product development tool flow.

2. Core algorithm system innovation and upgrade

The AXII Star Chain team broke out of traditional thinking and made a fundamental breakthrough at the algorithm level. He developed a unique series of basic algorithm systems, including random note selection, transformation of discrete things into continuous things, synchronous consensus, original asynchronous order, linear scalability, multi-hidden network layers, root / balance assessment. The algorithm combined with the innovative consensus mechanism achieves the best performance of the AXII Star Chain. After repeated deductions through a large number of tests and verifications, tens of thousands of individual TPS value levels are finally presented, providing strong technical support and a stable performance guarantee for commercial application development. . As a result, the popularization of the decentralized business application of the AXII Star Chain development platform has landed and the future AXII Star Chain blockchain business application system will be created.

The AXII Star Chain plan has developed a unique series of basic algorithm systems from the technical level. The breakthrough in algorithms would definitely give the AXII Star Chain a technical edge. The system provides strong technical support and stable performance guarantee for commercial application development, which especially reduces the risk of AXII Star Chain.

Adoption of one-stop service concept

The concept of one-stop service has been adopted by the AXII Star Chain developer platform. In addition, a 7 * 24 rapid response mechanism has also been used. Independently developed service-oriented BaaS (blockchain means service) management system for all applications, the system integrates several functions, such as full-day automatic synchronization of PC mobile devices, intelligent demand sending, intelligent progress monitoring.

The plan AXII Star Chain independently developed a service-oriented BaaS management system from a service perspective to give users a new sense of service experience. Innovation in the service area brings new vitality and power to the AXII Star Chain.

The development potential of the metaverse space is enormous. The AXII Star Chain plan demonstrates its benefits in these options, such as developing scenario applications, innovating and upgrading the core algorithm system, and adopting the one-stop service concept. American Electronic Arts supports this game project with mature technology. Based on American Electronic Arts’ technical skills situation and AXII Star Chain’s new game thinking, users are eager to see how AXII Star Chain develops in the future.

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