PS5: it’s finally back in stock, it would be silly to miss it!

News good plan PS5: it’s finally back in stock, it would be silly to miss it!

The PS5 is definitely the most coveted object in France today. It’s been about a year and a half since Sony’s console came out, and getting your fingers in a PS5 is still the same hell. But if you’re watching this news on your timeline, there’s a rebuild of the PlayStation 5 right now. Do not waste another second and go to the first link below.

PS5 is available for purchase now right away (yes it’s a redundancy)

Did you give up? Now, you can pick them up. We have extremely knowledgeable sources that tell us about PS5 stock returns the second they are available.

As soon as the information reaches us, we immediately publish a news item. This news, here it is. If you’re here within 5 minutes of its release, chances are you’ll finally get your hands on a PS5 at full price. Of course, we update it as often as possible. Click quickly below!

Updated on 18/05/2022 at 11:55: PS5 can be pre-ordered on Micromania with Forbidden West + Dualsense controller for 619 €

Updated on 18/05/2022 at 11:30: PS5 is available on Fnac in a package with Horizon Forbidden West + CoD Vanguard

Pre-order the PS5 package + Horizon Forbidden West + controller for € 619 at Micromania

Buy the PS5 package on Fnac for 1399 €

Buy a PS5 package on Micromania from 1549 €

The technology world as a whole is currently suffering from major shortage issues. That component is called a “semiconductor”. At the size of a grain of sand, semiconductors are found in more and more units, but production cannot keep up with demand.

The reasons for this are several:

  • This isa particularly complex component to produce
  • That health crisis harm the industry
  • That geopolitical tensions the world does not help
  • that commodity prices and energy increase

This list is far from exhaustive, the situation is extremely complex. When will it be normal again? The most serious recent analyzes speak of … 2024. Yes, it hurts.

In any case, there are still many PS5s being produced and we see very regular returns in stock. We who follow all this very closely, we assure you that it is quite possible to buy the latest console from Sony.

The Japanese brand’s factories are still running, and at some point, supply will eventually catch up with demand!

Top tips to never miss PS5 rebuilds

Before you attack, keep in mind that the PS5 is theoretically still in stock somewhere… but not at its true price.

As a reminder, the PS5 in digital version is worth around € 400 and the version with disc player is worth around € 500. Some people spend a lot of time searching physical and virtual stores to snatch as many consoles as possible at these base prices … to resell them.

They are called scalpers.

This practice is not illegal in itself, but it is very unethical and most players are outraged by it (rightly so). In any case, these companies would cease if there were no customers, the fact is that some people are willing to pay more to get their console faster.

Now that all is said, if you do not have time to spend hours looking for a PS5 and do not have the will to endure the waiting lists, the broken down pages and the stock shortage that occurs 3 seconds before validating your order, then you can contact you to Rakuten. `

The platform is reliable and the resellers (scalpers or not) are rated by internet users. Be careful, you still need the funds. PS5s typically cost over $ 600 there.

This point is now settled. We really do not recommend giving your precious money to scalpers. Instead, prefer a return to stock on a traditional online sales site that is common, you have already been waiting for a year and a half, you are no longer within a few days / weeks, right?

The idea is to keep all the tabs below open and monitor them closely. As long as you are not buying from a third-party retailer (like Amazon Marketplace for example), you will not have any unpleasant surprises and the console will have its normal price.

  • See PS5 Stock on Amazon
  • See PS5 shares at Fnac
  • See PS5 shares at Cdiscount
  • Check out PS5 shares at Micromania
  • See PS5 shares at Cultura
  • See PS5 shares at Boulanger

Here is a list of tips to help you buy a PS5 as soon as possible:

  • Open customer accounts on all the pages above, and do not forget to enter your means of payment.

Since refills usually last only a handful of minutes (and often even less than 5), every second lost by an extra click can be crucial. Even better, when you have a customer account, some merchants may even send you a warning in case of refills!

  • Go physically to stores like Micromania or Fnac as soon as you come by.

PS5s never appear in storefronts, but a store may have some stock in the back so people can come and ask nicely. It is also often possible to pre-order to be aware of any left in stock. The only problem is that you have to be very patient.

  • Finally, do not hesitate to follow our page

This news will be updated during the month. Our job is also to closely monitor each inventory replenishment so that you are informed almost immediately. Courage, with determination and a little luck, it goes in the end!

Pre-order the PS5 package + Horizon Forbidden West + controller for € 619 at Micromania

Buy the PS5 package on Fnac for 1399 €

Buy a PS5 package on Micromania from 1549 €

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