Improve online presence so as not to “overshadow publisher know-how”

It was a fan page as it existed because enthusiasts with little knowledge of web tools became page creators. And as a result, the public drew attention to the information about the album releases and the universesremembers Matthieu Moreau. By experimenting with natural reference solutions, Le Domaine de Gorn becomes a space for discussion and sharing: “ We were above all readers, and could therefore offer information as interested readers. »

But over time, the idea of ​​putting the acquired skills at the service of publishers arose: in 2005, promotional mini-pages for Delcourt group writers began. “I worked with the designers and then we offered teasers about the upcoming comics. Prior to the release of the first volumes, we shared specific and attention-grabbing resources with readers. . Like detailing the development of the cover or housing on the description of a particular board.

And the web was structured

This was the time when operators like, or already had an activity, at the same time as Domaine de Gorn: “It is with them, for example, that we established an operation with Glénat: a well-known cartoonist made an ex-libris to promote a new release, and a flyer was present to present one of the partner sites. Matthieu Moreau will set aside Domaine de Gorn, following a meeting with Daniel Maghen. “At the time, he was the editor of Tiburce, where he sold portfolios and reprints. After collaborating with him initially on improving the existing site, in 2010 I suggested he redesign his site. »

In this way, the gallery owner took a step forward with a web tool designed to meet the expectations of comic book enthusiasts by enabling them to search for and purchase an original page online.

Despite the relevance of the offer, “I tell myself with hindsight that we arrived too early: topics like online sales, CRM … all of this was still far from the strategies of the publishers. For publishers, the question of whether a web presence was necessary still arose, coupled with questions between cost and return on investment. »

But the experience of Le Domaine de Gorn will ultimately pay off. The leisure school and Rue de Sèvres will realize a collaboration through a specific application, where the community aspect and the recommendation are utilized. With a nuance: From now on, it is through support and advice that he intervenes. All enriched with ten years of teaching at the University of Paris-Est Marne La Vallée (Master Edition Paper and digital book). There are just as many relationships, both to the students who are trained to become future publishers, and to the structures within the framework of the apprenticeship.

With Maghen, I have also benefited from another education: the one with the authors for the production of portfolios – negotiation of rights, printing, printing. Tiburce Oger was the first to accept this adventure: the goal was to match the publisher’s needs, the author’s wishes, and the reader’s expectations. And it spoke to him at once.»

Promote online work

Today, Netemedia – a company created precisely to support editorial structures – has various partners, such as Onisep, Burda, Maghen or L’école des loisirs. By intervening both upstream of the project, to design specifications and in monitoring design and development, Matthieu Moreau introduces himself as “as an interpreter of everyone’s desires“.

And to cite an example that is repeated in his explanations: “All you have to do is Google the title of a book and add the term EPUB. See what happens next. »When Fnac and Amazon do not come out first in the results, it is the piracy sites that take the lead.“Sometimes, and ultimately too rarely, the publisher’s site is offered. But not pointing out that there is a digital book is tantamount to hiding the publisher’s know-how on this point.“, he analyzes.

He adds: “For a publisher, the site is a perfectly controllable tool: Who can be happy to see Amazon appear in a web request? For once on the merchant’s side, either the internet user is suggested the catalogs of colleagues who will be presented, or … toothbrushes. What’s the worst thing about a publisher?While the exhibition window on the publisher’s side is the opportunity to take the reader by the hand: to present all his works, to take the reader on a journey through editorial creation.

As for those who oppose the existence of social networks as tools for publication, the founder of Netemedia smiles: “Double-edged, because you can not control anything with them. Then we observe that there are often very interesting marketing campaigns implemented there, without there being a link to the site. This results in rather poor presentation pages for the books, whereas they would greatly benefit from these enrichments.»

What makes the reader’s experience more enjoyable and encourages him, who knows, to return?

Photo credits: Matthieu Moreau © Marion Barat

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