How Business France accelerates French gold nuggets internationally

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As the founder and organizer of the Rencontres Internationales de la French Tech (RIFT 2018), which takes place this year on October 24 in Paris, Business France gives the floor to Tech entrepreneurs to share their feedback on international experiences. .

Successful international development requires clearly defining your strategy and the human and financial resources to achieve it. With the 2018 RIFTs, Business France offers young companies guidance and advice on getting started outside of France.

More details with Erik MorandDirector of the Tech & Services Department of Business France:

Business France is one of the founding members of French Tech. What is the role of the organization?

Business France’s role is to support French companies, SMEs, EITs and start-ups in their international development by relying on our global network, which is present in almost 70 countries. This presence and the sectoral expertise of our teams around the identified priority growth sectors (IoT, cyber security, telecommunications, FinTech, Retail, etc.), where France has a real offer, constitute our strength in connecting French start-ups with investors, foreign clients and partners.

In this sense, Business France can be considered as the armed arm of French Tech internationally, in conjunction with and cooperation with the various French Tech hubs that have been established over the past three years. The Business France teams have also been working since 2013 and the creation of French Tech to promote France’s attractiveness and economic image in order to attract foreign investors.

You are organizing the 5th edition of the “Rencontres internationales de la French Tech”. What can the participants find there?

This is going to be a somewhat special edition because we want to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of French Tech. While a lot of land has been covered and France is now undoubtedly on the map of the great world powers in Tech, there is still a long way to go again! This topic will of course be discussed in the presence of Kat Borlongan, new director of French Tech, but also by VC and other actors in the ecosystem. The heart of the event remains the word given to Tech Entrepreneurs who have taken the international step to share their experiences with their peers in the form of highly operational testimonials, complemented by the advice of our experts, under a very close and exciting sequence titled ” World Tech Tour “.

The rest of the program, to discover here, is very rich, with simultaneous workshops, pitches from 15 startups with strong international ambitions and above all one-on-one meetings with more than 20 Business France experts present for the occasion and our many partners (BNP Paribas, Bpifrance, INPI , Orange, Pramex International, Apollo Conseil & Courtage, Chubb, Eleius, Nomen), all of which respond to important international development issues that need to be managed well in order to succeed. Finally, note that there will be a specific focus on Africa with the main intervention of Samir Abdelkrim, the French-speaking expert on African innovation and founder of StartupBRICS, and a workshop dedicated to the potential and way of tackling this indispensable continent.

How do you get French startups that have international hyper-growth projects underway?

As Emmanuel Macron recalled during his speech at Station F last week, the core of the case for promoting the hyper-growth of French startups and their rapid expansion internationally is based on the structuring of a solid funding ecosystem. and European, which is able to offer tickets over 100 million euros as well as facilitate the process of recruiting foreign talent.

From an operational point of view, we at Business France have developed a three-level program and a consulting offer that focuses on “go to the market»Via a roadmap built with our teams to quickly conquer the most relevant and dynamic markets for each startup:

  1. Ignition : Aimed at young start-ups, the French Tech Pavillions highlight companies selected through competitions, which will then benefit from significant upstream preparations to optimize their presence, visibility and traction at major global Tech events.
  2. Immersion : French Tech Tour and French Tech Days are programs dedicated to more advanced startups, with the aim of helping them develop, validate their priority markets and help them with their strategy.go to the market‘Through individual or group support.
  3. Impact Intended for mature startups for which the US or China are a priority in their development, Impact is a program conducted in partnership with Bpifrance, highly selective and intensive, aimed at establishing and rapid commercial success for the supported companies.

I am a startup with a strong international ambition. Where would you recommend me to start?

Development internationally is a major challenge for a startup and it is important to anticipate it well, not to underestimate the necessary resources and therefore seriously prepare it to reduce the operational and financial risks associated with it. The first step is to prioritize the right market or markets to approach, without leaving the stone unturned.

In general, nearby markets are essential, but also, depending on the sector, certain African markets, in Eastern Europe or in South America, may offer many more options than the US, German or Chinese market, for example.

To accomplish this step, it is important to surround yourself with trusted partners such as Business France or Bpifrance to gather information about the target markets, design and fund your export development strategy, and find the right players to protect your technology.

Finally, do not neglect the cultural differences in the target country as well as the local competition: knowing how to adapt your commercial message and business model, Even choosing a niche application market can be the differentiating factor between success and failure.

Meet at International meetings in French 2018 on October 24 to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of French Tech and project yourself into “French Tech 2022”, take advantage of feedback and advice on the markets you target, discuss with our country experts and meet French players Tech!

À propos :

Business France is the national agency that serves the internationalization of the French economy. It is responsible for the international development of companies and their exports, as well as for prospecting and welcoming international investments in France. It promotes the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its territories. It manages and develops VIE (International Volunteering in Business). Business France has 1,500 employees located in France and in 64 countries. It relies on a network of public and private partners. Within Business France, the Tech & Services department supports innovative companies in their export approach, thanks to their network of experts based on growth markets for French technologies and the implementation of tailor-made programs to accelerate their international development.

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