Freelancers: why integrate a coworking space?

Finding a balance between work and private life

Economic developments have paved the way for an unprecedented increase in the number of self-employed in France (more than 8% according to a URSAAF report) and greater awareness of their concerns. If you work from home, whether you live alone or not, your workplace remains a result of trade-offs between time and space, with the risk of overwhelming you. If you are a digital nomad, you know that going to a café is financially and professionally unsuitable.

Choosing a Parisian coworking space allows you to leave or restart on a healthy basis, to find a balance that is all too often threatened, and to devote yourself to the development of your activity. By integrating a place that is both central and dedicated, you can clarify, innovate and concretize your ideas in the company of other freelancers who have become colleagues. That way, you break the hopeless spiral of isolation, procrastination, and discouragement that many freelancers in need of networking and clients sink into.

The coworking room is specially designed to improve your physical and mental well-being as well as your concentration. Slim and vegetarian, it has large bay windows and lights that provide optimal light that reduces fatigue and headaches. Comfortable and ergonomic workstations keep you in poor working positions, and their equipment (WIFI, printers and scanners) saves you extra costs.

An affordable place for a shared experience

When you are a freelancer, beginner or not, the irregularity in orders and revenue should not slow down, but encourage you to invest in a coworking space. More flexible, cheaper and less isolated than an office, it is a convenient and affordable solution that pays for itself very quickly. You will meet other freelancers who have chosen this solution, who share your experience and with whom you can exchange resources, clients and advice.

It’s also a great way to enhance the image and trust you have in yourself and your business, but also that you give to others. Never taken by surprise, you practice your profession, receive your customers and can reserve a room or equipment in a very comfortable professional setting. Designed by internationally acclaimed architects and decorators, these coworking spaces are an outward sign of unstoppable success and thoughtfulness.

By choosing a Parisian coworking room, you benefit from a very privileged place to work more efficiently and with complete peace of mind in the heart of the capital, up to 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, from € 5 an hour to € 800 per month depending on your preferences. Guest, open or club formulas offer you nomadic workstations, in open space or privatized at affordable prices, with or without subscription depending on the level of flexibility or requirements required for your work.

An innovative and stimulating immersive model

Depending on their location, their specifics, and your projects, these coworking spaces allow you to occupy or assemble an entire space. Alone or with other freelancers, you can also adopt one of the 14 cozy and stimulating Nests in Deskopolitan House or Campus at your disposal. Fully equipped apartments specially designed for work, sports and socializing in comfortable and refreshing surroundings.

In the same idea, in addition to workstations, you can expand and optimize your experience thanks to services and a lifestyle close to cohousing. Like these conscious communities, also imported from the United States, you will find at the Voltaire Paris address, a recording studio, a fitness center, a restaurant, a café area, a rooftop kitchen garden, a nursery and even a barbershop!

Far from the atmosphere of austerity that one could imagine, the coworking space has evolved in recent years to offer unsurpassed working, living and meeting conditions at very affordable prices. A solution particularly suitable for freelancers who want to develop their business by standing out.

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