First issue: Le Moniteur Automobile Classics

For everyone

Through these 148 pages you will discover new tests done in 2022 with old models found by enthusiasts who opened their doors to us. Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2.0 against BMW 323i “E21”, Ferrari 348 and F355 against Porsche 911 “964” and “993” … Fights with titans, which we put back on the road and tested today with our eyes from yesterday to that, tomorrow, nostalgia continues. But Le Moniteur Automobile would not be what it is without its archives, and especially its famously detailed, complete, detailed, precise essays, which have been its DNA since the dawn of time. The idea here is quite original. We have actually decided to republish some of these legendary detailed tests in Automobile Classics Monitor, whether they are texts taken as they are or ultra-precise technical sheets. Three tests in this case for this May: Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1500 Ti from the early 80s, Peugeot 205 Rallye from the late 80s and BMW Z3 M Roadster from the late 90s. Essays developed over 10 pages and illustrated with new unpublished photos taken this year are something made possible thanks to the commitment of owners who did not hesitate to (re) put on the road for us as the object of all their attention, the time of a shooting. The best from yesterday and today to throw ourselves back into the bowels of models who for some adorned the walls of our teen rooms with posters and flyers, which were skillfully collected at the Auto Show …

Road and race

But the old car would not be anything without the man behind it. Original collectors, talented restaurateurs, legendary designers … We have met them to tell us about this car to which they are attached and which they defend with passion and enthusiasm. Motorsport is not forgotten. We have actually found the copy of the famous Ford Escort RS Cosworth, with which our compatriot Bruno Thiry almost won the Tour de Corse in 1995. his career is without a doubt like no other. And the hope of the Belgian rally, the talented Gino Bux, tests for Le Moniteur Automobile Classics Talbot Samba Rallye Gr.B, patiently rebuilt by the preparer Michel Targez.

A really practical guide

Finally, because this new magazine is also intended as a practical guide for anyone who wants to get started buying an old one without blasting money and as far as possible avoiding unpleasant surprises, we guide the reader step by step through a file that is articulated around 15 questions / answers. What to buy? Where? At what price? How to insure it? Is an “O” plate required? What about technical control? And if you decide to get started, we have listed 15 models currently forgotten by amateurs and therefore still financially available because no one (or almost) thinks about it. The corner of good veins to search fast, in short.

Le Moniteur Automobile Classics (148 pages), in bookstores from 18 May at a price of € 9.90. Or order from our online store. Do not miss it!

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