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  1. Exclusively when luxury meets Web 3.0
  2. Exclusive sales success
  3. The Penthouses, centerpieces by Exclusible
  4. Conclusion on Exclusive

Exclusively when luxury meets Web 3.0

Exclusible was founded in 2021 and presents itself as a new kind of platform, at the crossroads between traditional luxury and digital luxuryoffering an experience that combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0.

Designed for brings luxury into the digital age, Exclusive defines itself as a marketplace for NFTs in sectors as varied and sought after as jewelry, watches, fashion, art or even supercars.

But Exclusive goes further than the traditional market for NFTs and offers real virtual experiences. In fact, the platform takes you on a unique experience through the meta-verse thanks to its “ Luxury penthouses », Real villas that can accommodate up to 50 people, where everyone can exhibit their most beautiful NFTs.

Moreover, the project is in good hands, as can be seen from the different experiences of the founders. Thibault LaunayCEO of Exclusible, is a successful entrepreneur who founded the Responsible Mining Alliance in particular, and who saw his name inscribed in Forbes “30 Under 30” ranking of the year 2019.

Olivier Moingeon, co-founder of Exclusible, benefits from ten years of experience in the French house Cartier, whose reputation is well established before he was appointed president of the luxury cosmetics brand Country house. This is how he summarizes Exclusible’s DNA:

“Brands and designers who are able to create value and substance in a purely digital world and develop meaningful connections with these communities will have a head start in the nascent metaverse economy. At Exclusible, we help brands break this code.”

Exclusive sales success

Although still in its infancy, the success of Exclusible is already there: its first collection, “Alpha”, has been sold in 48 hours. 3,000 NFTs were sold for a total of 570 ETH, which at the time was $ 2.4 million.

The Alpha collection is not a trivial series of NFTs, it is one genuine long-term VIP ticketwhich makes it possible to obtain one many benefits within the exclusive platform.

Copy of NFT “Lachesis” from the Alpha collection

The lucky owners of an NFT Alpha will i.a. access future sales in a strictly private environment, or intervene directly in the process of creating NFTs. Plus, it makes them eligible for exclusive airdrops, unique rewards and more.

In addition, it also allows you to own an NFT Alpha take advantage of 50% off future sales arranged by Exclusible. For example, during a public sale of an NFT for 0.6 ETH, holders of an NFT Alpha will be able to get it for 0.3 ETH.

The success of this first collection was able to influence the following. For example, in February 2022, in exclusive exclusivity, Exclusible announced that it would be able to offer the official NFTs from the Asprey Bugatti collectionthe result of the collaboration between Asprey Digital Studio and the French luxury car brand Bugatti.

Thus, members of the Exclusible community could enjoy preview access to the collectionat a price of 3 ETH per NFT, which could open the door to a wide range of benefits such as a physical statue from the Asprey studio screen-printed and linked to a QR code.

Recently, Exclusible was selected for secure the sale of the “Mood by Christofle” collection, a box containing 24 silver-plated cutlery, this time in the form of 925 unique NFTs, represented in a 3D universe. New success for the platform, which sells all the creations in just 5 minutes.

The Penthouses, centerpieces by Exclusible

Now let’s talk about the promising future project Exclusible, the Penthouses are gaining a foothold directly in the Spatial.io meta-verse. Real virtual luxury villas, these state-of-the-art penthouse apartments offer views of landscapes as varied as Dubai, Miami, Vegas, Paris or New Caledonia.

These luxury properties will more than just virtual assetsand promise to offer a true social experience as they allow it invite and host up to 50 people.

The possibilities are endless: party in the party or reception hall, watch a movie via the projection room, fly away in a helicopter to enjoy a digital experience or even organize a visit around your most beautiful works.

In fact, these penthouses provide the opportunity to show off your most beautiful NFTs in a completely personal wayfor example, as a decorative painting in the spaces of your choice.

Until June 7is it possible to sign up for the list above early to be able to do the acquisition of one of these luxury properties at a favorable price.

All you have to do is go to this page dedicated to Penthouses on the Exclusible website, connect your wallet to sign up (give 0.4 ETH not charged), and thus hope to have a chance to be selected to draw advantage of 33% discount on sales.

As a reminder, holders of an NFT Alpha get 50% off on the sale of the Penthouse apartments in relation to the public price.

Exclusible is not at its first attempt at virtual real estate. In February last year, the company sold 25 private islands in The Sandbox metaverse (TRUE), in total not less than $ 2.8 million in revenue.

The sale knew how to get people talking about it when celebrities were among the buyers of these properties, e.g. Marco Verattiinternational footballer playing for the PSG club, the Bayern footballer Kingsley Comanor Ana Ivanovicformer world number one tennis player.

Conclusion on Exclusive

So far, Exclusible has been flawless and its sales are still met with dazzling success, which enabled him to develop a solid foundation for continuing to evolve. This is in addition its Alpha NFTswhich opens the doors to a host of benefits, including 50% discount on future sales of the platform.

And the upcoming NFT drops are already looking promising: the next sale will be hosted house Frederique Constant, a famous watchmaker in Geneva, to highlight his master collection “Classics World Timer Manufacture”. This collection of NFTs will include several levels of rarity, the highest will even offer the ability to receive a real physical copy of an associated watch.

In addition, all conditions are met for Exclusible to develop calmly, the luxury brands’ interest in the metaverse and NFTs experiencing a true boom. Among them the French brand Hermes recently announced that they wanted to use the metaverse as a communication tool, just like the house Balmain which multiplies initiatives involving NFTs.

Finally, who wants to take full advantage of the enthusiasm of his community, Exclusible expects new fundraising for the second quarter of the year 2022 to develop the technology for metavers and create new partnershipsbut also to create new initiatives to put his community first.

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