Decoding Marketing 3.0: The Metaverse Wonderland

A new twist at the festival of colors, almost the true feeling of Holi, was sent to the net in the best digital avatars, a pair of digital Gucci shoes, of course personally owned, and finally a digital beer, not tasted but certainly experienced . The marketing world is on the verge of another transformation that defines time – a transformation that is as real as it is virtual. But are marketers prepared, brands are equipped, are we ready?

Metaverse, an online virtual 3D universe that works and behaves much like the real world, is the next big space that all big and small brands are heading towards. While some use it to host parties and experiential events at the highest level, others have taken a step forward and used it as a platform to launch digital avatars of specially selected products in digital form. .

Which avatar adorns marketing in the meta-verse?

The first snapshots of how things are metavers that have emerged are truly promising. The target audience of the young buyer is developing an instant taste for the taste of augmented reality that the metaverset offers, thanks to their long acclimatization to video game experiences. The new buyer loves the freedom, appreciates the ease of accessing products and services from the comfort of home, and loves the limitlessness of the virtual world – all of which become Metaverse’s USPs.

This inherent expansion of the Metaverse cosmos leaves an empty lane for brands to disrupt the market with innovative new ways to stand out, expand their reach to a much wider audience, and explore new and imaginative ways to buy and sell. .

It is not. With the addition of features that allow the user to experience realistic sensations of touch, smell or even kiss through vibration and haptic sensation, Metaverse is sure to open doors to an environment that has never been thought of before, where not everything is physical but real. After all, who does not love the idea of ​​†‹вЂ‹ existing in a parallel universe!

Security and privacy issues

A new format that creates waves, a concept that was once attributed to the wildest imagination, but which is now on the verge of becoming a reality. And like everything new, Metaverse is always a deep sea of ​​potential and insight that needs to be explored, observed and understood before it can be claimed. The next obvious question remains: If Metaverse is the most realistic imitation of the real world as we know it, then what levels of control will it need and / or what will its control look like? How will the concepts of security and safety be tackled in the virtual real world of metaverse?

Although we can find the answers to these fundamental questions in blockchain technology, will its application to the present extent be sufficient to make the existence of Metaverse secure, or will it have to evolve and adapt to the Metaverse cosmos? Data protection is a major concern in the fast-growing digital macrocosm, and one has to see how it is secured in the lesser known world of metaverse.

Should marketing, as we know it, be recalibrated?

For each new game, the rules are new. That is what makes it different and also relevant. A set of rules that match the end goal, the goal of the game. The same will and should apply to the marketing ecosystem of Metaverset.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. to serve its purposes well in the new environment.

To sum up, while a fully developed metavers is still a bet that the world is passionately betting on, its seedlings have nowadays assumed a very real form. To promise a future that is not separate from our reality, but perhaps an extension of it. Clearly, Metaverse is set to change the way marketing is done, but its true effect and intensity is still unknown.

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