What can they bring to your business?

If Facebook had created a real craze when it came out because everyone’s closed and limited world was suddenly enriched with friends we’ve forgotten and friends of friends because it’s well known that friends of friends are our friends, internet users manage it differently today so as not to be invaded by each other’s messages. LinkedIn revealed its strengths and strengthened its image of business relationships.

If social networking can provide extra visibility to an activity or event, you still need to know how to use them well and have the right reflexes to sustain your community.

Most companies and brands today are active on social networks and have understood the importance of being present on Facebook as well as on Twitter, Google+ and others. These networks are an opportunity for them to unite fans and followers, get people talking about them, promote their offerings, promote their commercial operations, take care of their communication and strengthen the connection with their customers / users.

An interesting ROI

Social networks become communication tools in the same way as traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio, websites, etc.), with the difference that they have the advantage that they are free (or a little expensive) and provide a better return on investment. They have therefore become indispensable alongside traditional media that allow the acquisition of fans.

A broad presence to reach customers and partners

Therefore, whether you are self-employed or responsible for VSEs / SMEs, it is important to be present on these social networks. And preferably “everyone”. On Facebook with a page in the company’s name, but also on Twitter to be able to share information in real time with short messages decorated with pictures or visuals of your campaigns, new product launches, event operations, etc. LinkedIn currently has 500 million active users worldwide and allows you to develop your address book nationally and internationally, establish professional relationships, partnerships and create business.

Facebook, more than a billion leads

Facebook is the closest network, 2.23 billion people connect to the platform every month, and since it’s free, this is obviously where you should start. By creating a page in your company’s colors with the essential information about your activity (name, description, activity area, contacts, etc.) with a link to your official website (if any) to generate more traffic. Take the time to define and use the right keywords to be properly referenced by search engines. As for the 1 billion people who use Instagram every month worldwide.

Create interactivity

But this visibility on social networks is worth nothing if you do not animate your community. Therefore, it is important, on Twitter as well as on Facebook, to keep alive your account and your page with regular releases, contests, offers reserved for members, special operations, invitations to events, etc. Do not hesitate to publish everything that makes the company life and create interactivity. How ? By asking questions, creating events, sending invitations, and encouraging users to respond to each post, share it, and make their point known. This very often makes it possible to get relevant user feedback without using surveys or panels that are expensive and complicated to set up.

Identify “influencers”

The purpose of this social communication is of course to increase the number of leads, increase your customer base and retain existing customers. For this, it is also important to clearly identify “influencers” and to join the fans according to your area of ​​focus. No need to implement drastic measures if your customers are local. As a last resort, it is always possible for certain one-time operations to create paid and targeted advertising on social networks.

A time consuming animation

Still, all of this takes time, a lot of time even, for it to really be effective and beneficial for your business. That’s why a new position related to these social networks is now popping up in some companies, namely “Community Manager”. Its role is to manage and animate the company’s Facebook page, to set up promotional operations, to monitor ongoing campaigns, to monitor the brand’s twitter and in some cases to monitor the mobile application, if it exists. Why not use social networks to recruit him?

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