The most beautiful laptop on the market is back in power

Asus Zenbook Duos are some of the most exciting devices on the market and this 2022 edition promises to be sublime in many ways.

Currently it is spring cleaning for manufacturers and integrators. After Lenovo, which opened the ball last week with a first wave of beautiful portable devices, it is Asus that is entering the dance today. On the menu: a wealth of updated ultrabooks, but also and above all a sumptuous Zenbook that deserves closer attention.

For those only familiar with the Asus ecosystem, the term immediately brings to mind the Zenbook Duo, fabulous dual-screen laptops that are among the most exciting devices on the market. And this new edition must follow in the footsteps of its predecessors with a concept that is now beginning to mature.

A tandem of screens that look good

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, namely the paired screens that once again feature this Zenbook Pro 14 Duo. At the top of the device, future customers will be able to enjoy a superb 14.5 ”OLED touch panel in 2.8K resolution, all at 120 Hz and in 16:10 thanks.

To top it off, this panel boasts top-level colorimetric performance with 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, a 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, Pantone certification and the DisplayHDR TrueBlack standard. A simply unprecedented combination on a device with two screens, at least as far as we know.

And to repeat the enhancement of this impressive headboard, the secondary screen located at the foot of the first has also been reinforced. To begin with, the 16:10 aspect ratio and the steeper slope allowed ASUS to increase its size by 10%.

But the main difference is that Asus seems to have paid special attention to the connection between the two screens. On previous models, there was a significant gap between the two surfaces; the main screen was much more efficient and better finished than the other. But this difference has now almost completely disappeared.

It starts with the overall construction of the machine. The new hinge now makes it possible to tilt this second screen 12 ° compared to 9.5 ° previously. A modification that might seem anecdotal, but that does have little effect.

The top edge of this second screen is thus located very close to the bottom edge of the main screen. In the images presented by Asus, this modification seems to have a significant impact, with a rather impressive impression of continuity between the two screens. This change should also be a good point for the overall ergonomics and practical interest of this 2nd monitor.

And it’s not just about physical positioning, but also about inherent quality. The second surface, also tactile and compatible with the Asus Pen 2.0 stylus, is now entitled to the same finish as the main screen. It therefore benefits from an anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint treatment. Ditto on the performance side, as it can now deliver 120 frames per second with the same DCI-P3 coverage.

Asus has also redesigned its ScreenXpert 3 software, which controls the interaction between the two screens. New tools and a revised interface should allow these two monitors to collaborate even more efficiently than before.

High level hardware in a small chassis

With this pair of screens that attract all eyes, you could almost forget that it is still a formidable machine. This new model will play in the big leagues despite its small size; it will be possible to equip this Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED with the excellent Intel Core i9-12900H.

Another notable point, Asus has also managed to fit a dedicated graphics card (in this case an RTX 3050 Ti) into this small case. Quite impressive considering the space constraints associated with the presence of the 2nd screen. The set will be supported by 32 GB of modern RAM, namely LPDDR5 clocked at 4800 MHz.

This is a notable upgrade from the Intel Core i7-1165G7 that powered the 2021 model. Asus claims that this new model will be up to 2.6x faster than the previous one. A figure that seems exaggerated; but the power increase remains undeniable, with an average of +35% raw performance on the UserBenchmark community side.

Asus also announces GPU performance multiplied by 3, which this time seems justified thanks to the introduction of a dedicated graphics card. Overall, so much to say that this Zenbook Pro 14 Duo will have some under the hood. And to cool all that hardware, the IceCool Plus cooling system has also been enhanced with new vents on all sides, as well as under the secondary display.

So we end up with an excellent machine that seems to perform even better than its predecessor at all levels without exception. What a tour de force for one of the most exciting machines at the moment … even if this box is fully paid for at a high price, as it will be necessary to pay at least 2099 € to be able to afford it when it will be published in the 3rd quarter next. A high price, but that these two beautiful screens will help to pass.

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