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The market for mobile devices is suffering like never before in a kind of perfect storm: a global supply crisis, shutdowns in China, violent inflation and saturation in new markets.

While Apple and Samsung are doing better than ever when it comes to mobile phones, especially a South Korean company that is shining at a record pace, the truth is that the market has been declining sharply for several quarters now due to the recovery of the Asian pandemic, inflation and geopolitical tensions.

And besides, it seems to second half of 2022 does not look much better In fact, as GSMArena colleagues told us, according to data from the consulting firm Trendforce, the majority of Studies confirm that the smartphone market will continue to contract in the rest of the course, where China is the major protagonist and the primary motivating factor for the falls.

The recession is reaching the “smartphone industry”, which already predicts massive declines in 2022.

Forecasts indicate one total production for this entire year 2022 of 1,333 million unitssignificantly less than in 2021, which makes room even for negative reviews in the coming months if the supply prospects and global supply problems do not improve.

All studies agree that the mobile device market is declining by leaps and bounds due to the Covid recovery in China, supply problems and global tensions that have sent price inflation and cost of living skyrocketing.

Mobile phone sales are falling sharply and the recipients are still the same

There is a very difficult perspective for the coming months, so we will have to wait and see how an overly stressed market reacts in a kind of perfect storm it will end up affecting not only China but other countries as well, and that of course will suffer under the saturation of a new giant like India begins to show signs of just that.

In any case, for now, the most important problems are to overcome others, starting with Politics of “zero covid” used in China, which has reconfigured entire cities paralyzes the production of important brands and thus leaves many manufacturers without components and braking in smartphone assembly and shipments many other companies ordering their units from their local businesses.

Another big headache the huge inflation spiral where half the world has crashed, which has a negative impact on people’s purchasing power and therefore on the acquisition of new devices.

The Chinese market will continue to be the most important in the world for mobile manufacturers and it should lose no less than 13% of its sales during this year 2022.

Finally, it is important to see how the supply crisis develops, since Even if China manages to bend its pandemic curves, factories will have to work harder to catch up on the lost time and rebuild a voracious market that is suffering like never before.

As for the specific figures, China is expected to lose 13% of its sales this year compared to 2021, which is still the largest market in the world delivers more or less about 21 out of 100 phones sold worldwide. India will take second place with 13.1% of shipments and the US will be the third market by weight with 11%.

Maybe help new sales strategies such as smartphone subscription that Apple is already preparing, and it is certainly in this situation … Who plans to spend over $ 1,000 on a new phone?

Would you pay 30 euros a month to always have the latest iPhone?

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