Annoying features on Samsung phones

Samsung’s “everything but the kitchen sink” approach is not for everyone. Some features are useful, others are not. The good news is that Samsung does not impose features on you. Many items can be disabled or customized.

We have highlighted some of the most common disadvantages of Samsung phones. They may not all be inconvenient for you personally, but that’s the beauty of customization. Even if you are not crazy about these features, you can take advantage of Samsung’s excellent hardware and get rid of Samsung’s questionable software choices.

Change the order of navigation buttons

Many Android devices now come with gesture navigation as standard, but Samsung sticks to the three-button layout. Samsung is the only Android manufacturer to place the “Back” button on the right side.

It does not seem very natural to me. The button literally points to the left, and this is also the direction “back” usually refers to. For example, when you open the Recent Apps menu, the previous app is on the left.

The solution is simple. Go to Settings> Display> Navigation bar and select the second “Button order”.

Reverse order of the buttons.


Take back the on / off button

Select “Shutdown Menu”.

One of the most annoying things about modern Samsung Galaxy phones is the Bixby. The virtual assistant pops up in a few places you probably do not want, including the power button.

By default, Bixby is woken up by pressing the power button. It’s annoying for several reasons. First, this is not the behavior you would expect from an on / off button. Second, you probably will not use Bixby. Fortunately, that can change.

Stop killing background apps

Now select “Optimize battery consumption”.

Battery life is something that can make or break your experience with a phone. Manufacturers know this, and they do everything they can to improve it, even at the expense of other things. Samsung phones are notorious for killing background apps in the name of saving battery life.

These battery “optimizations” can result in missing notifications and apps not behaving as well as they should. There is also no need to permanently kill background apps. The good news is that you can disable battery optimizations.

Clear quick settings

Samsung’s quick settings panel is a bit different from other Android devices. By default, there are many things to do. Spending a few minutes cleaning it can significantly enhance the experience.

First swipe down twice from the top of the screen and tap the menu icon with three dots at the top right.

Then select “Quick Panel Layout”.

Select “Quick Panel Layout”.

First, you can decide when you want to see the brightness slider. It can appear in quick settings all the time or only when it is fully extended.

Brightness controls.

Next, you can customize when the “Device Control” and “Media Output” buttons appear.

Device and media buttons.

Remove Samsung for free

Simply turn off the switch at the top of the page.

“Samsung Free” is a service that brings together news, videos, podcasts and games. The service is completely free, but it’s probably not something you intended to use when you bought the phone.

Some Galaxy devices have a Samsung Free panel on the left side of the Home screen. You can either remove it completely or switch it to the Google Discover service. Of course, it is not a problem if you choose to use a third-party launcher.

Samsung Galaxy phones have many very practical features that set them apart from the competition. However, the software is not perfect and that’s okay.

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