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With ” What is his job? ” You need to focus on the professions that will make tomorrow’s com.

Communication agencies have faced several transformation challenges in the last ten years: business model, new forms of competition, generations Y and Z, acceleration of time, forms of collaboration, etc.

In this uncertain and exciting time – because everything can now change – managers and agency teams can turn to a business coachwho will support them in their transformation project.

Faced with this potentially mysterious title, several questions arise: what is the scope of a business coach’s intervention in communication? How does he work? How to become a (good) business coach? And what is his salary? To answer this, we give the floor to Pascal Guibertbusiness coach for 15 years and founder of La Compagnie du Change.

What is a communications business coach?

Pascal Guibert: It is first and foremost a coach, a support professional who helps leaders and their teams build and implement their transformation project.

That is, it intervenes both at the level of the definition of the vision, of the strategic plan and at its implementation framework to facilitate the implementation of change.

Thus, at each stage, he assesses the dynamics of change and proposes actions to streamline the implementation of the project and remove any resistance.

Finally, he is a fine connoisseur of the sector and its special circumstances, able to decipher the various business models, organization, management or culture (values, beliefs, fears); that is, the main modes of operation and also the dysfunction of companies.

What types of projects does a business coach work on in com? And when?

PG: He is encouraged both for model development projects: new business model, repositioning or reorganization and for company professionalization projects: management, management, HR, etc.

They are often engaged according to an awareness of the manager and his managers, positive (business success, merger, acquisition, growth ambition) or negative (loss of customers, lost competitions, management crisis, turnover in the teams).

Ideally, he is asked to develop as early as possible a strategy for the success of the change project with the leaders.

It intervenes in different ways depending on the size and problems of the agency: either only through coaching sessions with the manager; or in the field with leaders and leaders by organizing and leading seminars, workshops, steering groups, etc.

How do you become a business coach?

PG: Already because we love change and innovation, it is a job for another professional life, after a first experience as a leader or leader, preferably in the field of communication. We rely on his previous experience and training as a coach to build his new professional position.

I co-founded and managed an agency, Groupe Kenya, for 15 years and then set up La Compagnie du Change in 2003 (more than 150 assignments to date).

I also underwent a Master in coaching, after studying psycho-ergonomics and marketing.

Any advice on how to become a good business coach?

PG: And even two:

– Has of course a good education and some experience as a coach (many parameters to control for a beginner).

– Has a certain physical solidity and a good capacity for recovery, because certain missions take place in an atmosphere that is very charged with tensions, influences, stress …

What is the salary of a business coach in communication?

PG: We will talk more about pay than pay, because it is rather a job for the self-employed, whether it is gathered in a company or not. The day is charged between 1300 and 2500 € depending on skills and level of experience. A good professional generally only intervenes 50 to 100 days a year. This is why he often develops other parallel consulting or training activities. For my part, I run other companies.

How can this position develop?

PG: It is the great strength of this job to be, unlike the others on the board, a senior job. We do not seek to evolve in order not to improve ourselves.

Note: Let us make it very clear that La Compagnie du Change and La Réclame are part of the VTscan group, directed by Pascal Guibert.

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