The opposition simply needs to mobilize readers to vote against the proposed revision of the constitution

Brahim Bouderbala: The opposition should only mobilize readers to vote against the proposed revision of the constitution

The President of the National Bar Association of Tunisia, Brahim Bouderbalaassured that the National Dialogue Quartet in 2013 (Tunisian General Labor Union, Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, National Order of Lawyers of Tunisia and Tunisian League for Human Rights) will participate the national dialogue organized under the supervision of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied.

Invited May 16, 2022 by Hatem Ben Amara on National Radio, Brahim Bouderbala ensured that the national organizations, including the Bar Association, searched for to express their views and make proposals in the framework of the national dialogue. He believed that the ruthlessness of the opponents was predictable and refused to conduct a dialogue with a view to adopting a clear proposal prepared in advance by the President.The people have expressed their opposition to the deterioration of the political scene and the events that have taken place in the Assembly of People’s Representatives … The adoption of a presidential government will present the head of state as solely responsible for the political situation in case of government failure … The referendum will be about changing the political system … Opponents only need to mobilize voters to vote against the proposal … The participation rate must exceed 50% registered voters … The revision of the Constitution will preserve the results in terms of rights and freedoms and the independence of justice “, he declared.

Brahim Bouderbala explained that political parties and sections of civil society that have reaffirmed their opposition to the extraordinary measures of 25 July 2021 will be excluded from the national dialogue. Opponents of the president, he said, continue to speak out in the media and organize protests. He deduced from this that there were no threats to rights and freedoms. He said the creation of commissions responsible for economic and political affairs announced by the head of state will soon take place.

The President of the Republic presented an entire plan, including a consultation, a referendum, and legislative elections. The hearing took place and it focused on ideas presented to the people to discuss … The Tunisian National Bar Association explained its position in a press release dated July 27, 2021. We reaffirmed our support for the measures, while emphasizing the importance of preserving the freedoms and results of the revolution of 14 January … Because of his responsibilities and his patriotic obligations, the head of state is the president of all Tunisians. According to his interpretation, public opinion supports the adoption of an anti-corruption approach … Justice must work properly to achieve this. However, there is a problem with the procedures being slow “, he added.

Brahim Bouderbala insisted on the participation of the civil society organizations and components that supported the measures of 25 July 2021 in the debates on economic issues. He discussed the role ofUGTTof’Utica and ofutap on this topic. He mentioned, on the other hand, the economic reforms and restrictions that Tunisia is facing.

evoke the independence of justice, Brahim Boduerbala claimed that only a few judges had received bribes or were under the influence of a political undercurrent. The rest, he said, are trying to enforce the law despite the lack of resources and regrettable conditions. He insisted on a revision of the current legislation.

Moreover, Brahim Bouderbala criticized the attitude of the lawyer and the general secretary of the party AttayarGhazi Chaouachi. The latter had confirmed that the head of government, Najla Boudenhas given its termination. This statement led to the initiation of an investigation against the author.This behavior can be called irresponsible said Brahim Bouderbala.


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