his father star chef Yannick Alléno breaks the silence, C à Vous pays tribute to him …

Tragedy for the multi-star chef Yannick Alléno. His 24-year-old son, Antoine Alléno, died in a horrific accident. He was violently hit by a driver who had just stolen a luxury car. The chef responded in a moving message …

He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. that son of the multi-star chef Yannick Alléno, Antoine Allénois sadly died on the evening of May 8, 2022, after being violent hit by a 25-year-old man who stole a luxury vehicle and fled according to Le Figaro. The day after the tragedy, Antoine Alléno’s famous father left a poignant message to his deceased son on social media.

Yannick Alléno comes out of silence after his son’s death

The chef posted a snapshot of the facade of the Burger Père et & Fils restaurant, which he had opened with his son a year before the tragedy. Of many bouquets of flowers are placed there in memory of Antoine Alléno. A gesture that disturbed the chef, who wrote: “Look at Antoine everyone is thinking of you !!!!“.

Shortly after the accident, a press release was issued by Yannick Alléno’s press officers to announce the terrible news. “It is with deep sadness that Chef Yannick Alléno, his mother Isabelle, his brother Thomas, his family, as well as the teams of the Yannick Alléno Group inform you that their son, brother, colleague and friend, Antoine, has passed away. (…) In this painful periodThe Alléno family and their loved ones are very sensitive to the goodwill and understanding of everyone, while respecting their privacy.“, we are reading.

And to add: “Antoine Alléno was 24 years old, he headed the restaurant Burger Père et Fils, which was launched last year with his father. Promising and talented, Antoine belonged to this new generation of chefs, determined to revolutionize the French gastronomic landscape. It is with great sadness that we share this sad news.“.

C to you: lively tribute to Antoine Alléno

IN C for youleader of the program, Edward Chouteau, who cooks for the restaurant La Laiterie in Lambersart in the north, appeared sad on 9 May. He wished shelf hislearning companionAntoine Alléno, opposite Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

We think of him, his family, his father. It is one I had the chance to work with and which was amazing. It’s funny … it’s a little scary, but then it’s. I’m thinking of him today“, he declared.

Antoine Alléno, killed instantly by a driver

It was around 11.20pm, rue Bosquet, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris when the tragedy occurred. ONE 25 year old man, roofer in Bezons, in Val-d’Oise. had just stolen and Audi RS6. It was at the Coya restaurant, located on rue du Bac in Paris’ 7th arrondissement, that the man had managed to steal the car by giving a fake ticket to the valet, according to The Parisian..

He drove at full speed so as not to be pursued. However, no police car had yet seen him. While a VTC and a scooter on board, which was Antoine Alléno and a passenger, were waiting at a red light, the refugee tried to pass between the two machines, but hit them hardnot far from the Alma Bridge where Lady Di was killed 25 years ago (in August 97).

Antoine Alleno is died instantly. It was just him 24 years. As for his passengers suffering from bruises and the driver of the VTC, they were transported to the hospital, but their vital prognosis is not engaged. The driver, he first tried to flee on foot, but was arrested by a police officer. He was slightly injured taken to the hospital but arrefused to submit to a blood alcohol test.

According to information from a police source in Figarowas the refugee wanted for drink driving and had a prison sentence for traffic offenses. He’s just been remanded in custody for manslaughteraccording to The Parisian.

Who was Yannick Alléno’s son?

The young Antoine Alléno was preparing for follow in his father’s footsteps. He was passionate about cooking, launched with Yannick Alleno a premium burger in the restaurant Father & Son Burger by Allénoat 53-57 Rue de Grenelle, in the capital’s 7th arrondissement, where he was became a chef. “They had fun adapting fine kitchen reflexes to street food by imagining gourmet, simple and well-made burgers“, We read on the company’s official website.

The restaurant, closed “indefinitely”

In front of the facade of Father & Son Burger restaurant, flowers were laid by spectators in support of the family. It says on the door the restaurant is closed “indefinitelynoticed The Parisian. According to employees of a nearby store, relatives of the deceased picked up his belongings in the restaurant, the morning after the tragedy. Then they met at Pavillon Ledoyen, a restaurant in the 8th arrondissement where Yannick Alléno is the chef.

René Vogler, former director of the hotel school René-Auffray in Clichy-la-Garenne, where Antoine Alléno studied, remembers with the Parisian a “very sweet boy and a good student. “He was discreet and did not play on his father’s infamy who, however, shared her life at the time with singer Patricia Kaas. He was well-liked by the other students.. His disappearance is very unfair and makes me very sad.“, he added.

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