Fortinet portable demo and test environment

Large companies often use dozens of security solutions from different manufacturers according to the “best of breed” approach. But it is difficult to master such a fragmented cybersecurity environment that benefits cybercriminals. The Fortinet specialist offers a complete alternative with its Security Fabric, a complete portfolio of security and networking solutions based on its own FortiOS operating system. The offer ranges from firewalls, switches and access points to analytics platforms, including email security and strong authentication. All platforms can be controlled through a uniform control and monitoring system that provides complete network and security visibility.

Complete and compact safety fabric

In production environments, Fortinet solutions are integrated into the company’s network as physical and virtual devices, which requires some implementation and configuration efforts. For testing and demonstrations of virtual devices such as FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager, and FortiClient EMS Server, the requirements include having a virtualization platform, a virtual Windows server, and an appropriate network connection. If it is primarily a matter of getting to know the solutions, testing their functionalities, testing certain functions or training employees accordingly, these costs should be kept as low as possible, especially due to the temporary nature of these activities.

Safety distributor BOLL goes back to its technical roots to develop a complete test, demonstration and training environment for all aspects of Fortinet’s safety fabric: “Safety fabric as a stand”. This complete, portable and handy solution consists of a FortiSwitch series switch, a FortiGate firewall, a FortiAP access point and a high-performance mini-PC equipped with Windows 10 Pro, on which Fortinet Virtual Appliances can be trial installed. Everything is in the form of a compact cube on about thirty centimeters side and costs between 2500 and 3000 francs, depending on the integrated mini-PC.

Ready to use

The “security substance as a stand” does not have to be integrated into an existing network, and depending on the application, it does not require an Internet connection either. However, it is possible to equip it with an additional FortiExtender from Fortinet to show the interaction with the FortiGuard service from Fortinet. Without an internet connection, only one power outlet is used. For tests and demonstrations, simply connect to the mini-PC via the built-in hotspot, access it via RDP, install the desired trial versions of Fortinet solutions, and explore the world of Security Fabric – whether it’s a firewall or WLAN administration, access point security, switch interaction, two-factor authentication with mobile token, VPN or any other function.

Since all systems and components are contained in the stand, the “Safety substance acts as a stand” independently of other systems. Tests and demonstrations should not be performed in a production environment. In addition, systems engineers can quietly familiarize themselves with Fortinet platforms and develop their own solutions. And the training can be given in any classroom, in a practical way, with concert exercises, instead of just passing on the theory.

However, the “safety substance as a stand” is not designed for production use – it should not be misinterpreted as a BOLL SMB solution. Instead, the distributor places this compact cube as a tool for its distribution partners, for training and demonstrations with customers who do not have their own test environment, and also as an attractive playground for its own systems engineers to explore Fortinet solutions.

“Safety fabric as a stand”: the highlights

  • Complete cyber security and network environment in a compact form factor

  • Fortinet solutions integrated under one roof

  • Ideal for tests, demonstrations and training

  • Portable and independent of other systems

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