did the French pay to reuse their old smartphones?

Many of us have at home old high-tech devices which we no longer use. Whether they still work or not, we often keep them because we do not know what to do with them or because we think they can be used in the event that our new devices break down. Moreover, more than 6 out of 10 French people change mobile phones even though it still works.

Hundreds of millions of cell phones left in our drawers

Thus, according to Ademe, we would have between 54 and 110 million sleeping smartphones in our closets, along with our old computers and old tablets. So many precious metals that, if recycled, would make it possible to reduce our dependence on imports to reduce their economic costs, but also their ecological impact. Because France is very dependent on certain raw materials. Dependence – very strong in certain sectors – recently highlighted by the war in Ukraine, which literally risks causing demand for strategic metals such as those used in the manufacture of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Therefore, the millions of units left in the closets of the French constitute a real gold mine that is still underused.

A bonus for promoting the collection of old high-tech items

Strongly criticized for its passivity in ecology, Emmanuel Macron, campaigning between the two towers, seems to want to attract ecologists’ voters. Thus, at a meeting in Marseille over the Easter weekend, the presidential candidate assured that his prime minister would be in charge of “ecological planning”. The latter would be supported by a Minister of “Energy Planning” and another Minister responsible for “Territorial Ecological Planning”. Institutional obligations, but also concrete initiatives such asa “return bonus” to encourage the French to reuse their old mobile phones and other electronic items.

It’s hard to know how this “return bonus” present in Emmanuel Macron’s program will be worded; the terms, including the amount, are not yet specified. ” This bonus will promote the collection of these items, which today are real city mines in our pockets and in our drawers, and which tomorrow can allow us to be less dependent on rare materials and metals or critical of our society “, Recently informed our colleagues from Echoes about the candidate’s campaign team.

Between 54 and 110 million smartphones would sleep in the French closets. – © iStock.

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Extend the minimum warranty period for electronic devices

Other initiatives that promote a more sustainable economy are also present in Emmanuel Macron’s program, such as extension of the minimum guarantee period electronic products.

Currently, electronic devices and household appliances have one two year warranty. A legal period during which consumers can return a defective product. Problem: Customers would often be underinformed about itaccording to a study by the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), conducted in September 2021.

The DGCCRF thus pointed to information that was hidden most of the time, in favor of communication focused on the brands’ own commercial guarantees, the latter often being paid for. An extension of the minimum warranty period for this type of product will thus make it possible to combat this warranty extension, but also against the planned obsolescence of these devices. Provided that regular checks are carried out with distributors to compel them to inform their customers on this subject.

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