When national television promotes the presidential project

As part of the adoption of an “exemplary patriotic” stance and in accordance with the statement of the Head of State Kaïs Saiedin February 2022, National Television began broadcasting a special program totally dedicated to the debate between young people and civil society activists such as Boutheina Well Kridis. Yes, Dear viewers and viewers, being a member of the Republic President’s “explanatory” campaign makes you a militant and an activist!

This new program is called “Le Dialogue avec vous”. It concerns only the presentation of the national consultation (by the way, why did we choose not to call it that?). It has been broadcast weekly since early February. The show guarantees a space of expression dedicated solely to the president’s project. During the four episodes that aired, the management of National Television used the taxpayers’ money to promote the national hearing and serve the media image of Kaïs sympathizers. Saied and members of the explanatory campaign.

It will be noticed Boutheina Well Kridis was invited as panelist as opposed to the opponents of the President of the Republic and his project. HAVE what can one expect from an institution attached to the government presidency and under the clear influence of Carthage?

The management of National Television has therefore chosen to convince Tunisians, using public service, of the importance of operating according to new methods, even though we had previously explained that Kaïs Saied was not the inventor of consultations and that it was not the first of its kind in Tunisia.

Of course, Boutheina Well Kridis did not fail to emphasize the symbolism of consultation in this great process of reform. Regardless of the question the audience asked, the answer revolved around three broadly worded sentences: a reminder of the political instability of the period before 25 July, the importance of dialogue and a better future.

HAVE no time, it panelist did not explain the structures or mechanisms to be created or put in place within the framework of the initiation of the will of the people, even though the latter had chosen not to participate in the national consultation. Besides, Boutheina Well Kridis had the audacity to confirm that this was a popular consultation, which would reflect the opinion of all citizens, whereas the number of participants had not exceeded the 250,000 people, ie less than 3% of the Tunisian population.

The revolution in 2011 is a cultural revolution … It’s time to think about it! », added Boutheina Well Kridis at the end of this very bad taste show. But what culture are we talking about? That with the policies of the president and the government Bouden based on exclusion, lack of dialogue and lack of transparency.

The only conclusion, The Right is to of subjecting a public enterprise to political power and the lack of added value of pseudo-dialogue without tail or head.

This episode is not the first of its kind. Several people had already noticed the absence of opposition guests during political broadcasts. This observation was confirmed by the President of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT)Mehdi jelassi. He had in a media statement on 11 January 2022 claimed that the power in place had banned the public media from inviting representatives of political parties.

For her part, Vice President SNJTAmira Mohamed, condemned the disastrous management of national television. She said that the person in charge of running the company Awatef Dali, had decided to go for the news bulletin content.

said Amira Mohamed the Awatef Dali urged journalists to limit the content to propaganda and light topics. The acting director of national television reportedly rejected any reform attempt and contented himself with provoking strife and clashes between journalists.


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