The six racing games coming to Electronic Arts, including Project Cars 4 | Xbox One

Last week, the giant Electronic Arts was a key player in video game news with the unveiling of the financial results for the year 2021 and especially the sharing of new information about their games under development. With the transition to Codemasters under the leadership of EA, the US group has significantly strengthened its development opportunities for racing licenses, and that’s what Tom Henderson explained to us in a new paper.

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Here are the six racing licenses under development at EA

It’s through a new article published on Exputer that Tom Henderson, the famous journalist and insider, has described the next racing games currently in EA’s tube. With the acquisition of the $ 1.2 billion Codemasters in January 2021, Electronic Arts has acquired a legendary studio in the history of racing games, thanks in particular to the legendary licenses that are TOCA (now Grid), Colin McRae Rally (now DiRT) or even F1.

Project cars 4

In his article, Tom Henderson first explains that Project Cars 4 is actually under development despite the fact that no official announcement has been made yet. It was the former CEO of Slightly Mad Studio, Ian Bell, who had given a rather explicit hint about the possible development of a fourth opus.

Sources for Tom Henderson within EA still confirmed the case for him as well as the name of the title, which will simply be called “Project Cars 4”. Very little information is known so far, but the title should return to its roots with a formula of hardcore racing simulation reserved for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC for a possible release around 2024.

world championship in rally

In another step, it is the DiRT license that is approached. The release of a third installment of the DiRT Rally was shelved last year after the Codemasters acquired the rights to take advantage of the World Rally Championship, WRC. Again, few concrete details, but some sources to Tom Henderson have reported to him that this license will be released annually with an agreement extending from 2023 to 2027. It is easy to imagine a model modeled after F1 license with the WRC. This new game will use Unreal Engine with an initial release scheduled for the end of the current fiscal year ending April 1, 2023. Also note that a mobile customization will be considered.

F1 2022 and F1 2023

The Codemasters F1 license has experienced a real explosion in terms of interest and popularity among the general public over the last few years. Each opus is eagerly awaited by a tenacious and passionate community. On July 1, F1 2022 will be the first episode to be released under the auspices of Electronic Arts with new features such as crossplay, F1 LIFE mode and even supercars. As for F1 2023, it would already be under development at Codemasters. It would offer a real technological gap fully by using the capabilities of 9th generation consoles, a redesign of the game engines and also an extension of the F1 LIFE mode called F1 WORLD.

Need for Speed

Criterion Games could not work under the best conditions on the next edition of Need for Speed, as the studio was to help with the development of Battlefield 2042. The new Need for Speed ​​has therefore been delayed until 2022, and the title should come out between next October and December. Nevertheless, the Codemasters Cheshire teams, which were originally supposed to provide some support for the Criterion Games, are now fully collaborating with the studio on the development of the next licensing games, including this year’s. Tom Henderson also reports on the existence of a gaming project based on car meetings at Codemasters Cheshire, again according to internal sources.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile

The mobile gaming sector is crucial for many very large studios, and Electronic Arts is no exception to the rule. A Need for Speed ​​Mobile leaked this week showing a map based on it from Need for Speed ​​Heat. The title would be a full multiplayer racing game in the open world that can be played on the mobile, but without a story. Tom Henderson specifies that this choice would alert many microtransactions.

Regarding GRID and burnout, no new information has been transmitted by Tom Henderson. The recent failure of GRID Legends will force Codemasters and EA to take a step back on the license and the proposed formula, while a return of burnout could be considered, but not for quite some time. At the time, the publisher could investigate remasters, but nothing is certain on that page, and public feedback could be more than mixed. In any case, racing games still have a bright future ahead of them, and Electronic Arts now has a more comprehensive team than ever.

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