Massive recall alarm in France, these products can be dangerous to health, it is aperitif at Leclerc

And it’s yet another product recall hitting France! While the sun is shining and health restrictions are being lifted, our fellow citizens are gathering for a good aperitif. Unfortunately, this highly valued practice becomes dangerous because of this very dangerous product sold in supermarkets. The Objeko editorial staff gives you all the details of this article.

The black series of products is reminiscent

The black series continues for French supermarkets. There has been no shortage of health scandals and product recalls lately! The largest, and the largest to date, is of course the one dealing with Kinderæg. They were contaminated with salmonella. Many children became very seriously ill in France, but also in Britain, Ireland and many other countries. Even worse, this product recall took place a few days before Easter …

If Ferrero, the maker of Kinder eggs, announced that everything was back to normal, consumers would remain more than suspicious …

Another very important health scandal, the one with Buitoni pizzas. However, a factory employee had already sounded the alarm a long time ago. The factory conditions are just awful. The food is piling up on the ground, the production lines are not clean, a real disaster. Some of his pizzas sent more people to the hospital. Since then, the pizzas have been recalled and the production plant has closed. And unfortunately there were plenty of other … charcuterie products, cheeses, you name it!

A new product recall on aperitif products

The new product recall that is shaking France concerns a product that is very popular among the French. Especially during this period of persistent good weather over a large part of the territory. There are goat tomatoes / peppers and tapenade / poppy seed ball duos. These are sold in the leading supermarket chain E.Leclerc, under the brand Les Croissés. These transparent 65 gram trays were marketed from April 28 to May 11. Product recall affects the following lots:

  • 3564706581173 Expiry date:

This product is also sold by Franprix supermarkets. They undoubtedly come from the same production facility. The lots affected by the product recall are as follows:

  • 3263859407292 S22-104 Expiry date 19/05/2022
  • 3263859407292 S22-115 Expiry date 30/05/2022

If you have purchased any of these products, do not consume them! The Objeko editorial staff recommends that you take them back to the store to get your money back. Otherwise, just throw them in the trash!

Listeriosis: a very serious disease!

If this cheese sold in supermarkets is the subject of a massive product recall, it’s not for nothing! Listeriosis, a disease caused by the bacterium listeria monocytogenic, is the most serious. It is even fatal in 40 to 60% of cases! In adults, listeriosis can cause sepsis and death. Elderly or immunocompromised people are even more susceptible to the disease. In pregnant women, the disease develops especially around the unborn child, and can cause premature birth or miscarriage. As you will have understood, this disease must be taken very seriously.

The listeria bacterium is present in large quantities in soil and meat. That is why it is important to cook your meat well, especially pork. The high temperature kills the bacteria, which then become harmless.

This product recall is therefore very important. If you live with children or people at risk, check all your packaging carefully! If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Listeriosis can take up to 8 weeks before symptoms appear. Then take all the necessary precautions!

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