Car test: Maserati Grecale, storm warning

The Modena manufacturer enters the market for compact luxury SUVs with Grecale (© Maserati)

When Grecale rises, beware of the storm: this Mediterranean wind rises when an anticyclone forms above Malta and Sicily before getting to licking Italy and southern France. maserati was not afraid of the metaphor of mentioning his latest toy, the SUV Grecalea worthy successor to increasing appeared in 2016.

Muscular look, sports heart

This Grecale is going to shake the kings of the sector, which Porsche Macanwith its compact and muscular appearance, its powerful engines mild hybridizationand even a model in 100% electric announced for 2023 … The Trident mark offers one luxury SUV who knew how to keep the best of Levante while offering a radically different car.

530 hp biturbo V6 for the Trofeo version

The Modena SUV is completely recognizable: From the Maserati brand, it keeps the typical shark nose adorned with the wide column grille that proudly displays, like a coat of arms, the famous trefoil. From the shark, Grecale also holds the three side gills. Only the optics contrast with the company’s design: on the SUV, they round out a little bit, bringing a little softness to this bodybuilder envelope.

“SUV commits, Maserati has been mindful of the comfort and space of its car with generous spaciousness at the rear and a very, very nice finish.”

Maserati confirms that in Italy people still love to design beautiful cars.
Maserati confirms that in Italy people still love to design beautiful cars. (© Maserati)

At the rear, under the plunging tailgate, Maserati has chosen boomerang headlights that bite into the screens but are connected by an elegant chrome bridge. With its dual-output exhaust and its very wide tires, the machine constantly seems ready to throw itself over. It’s also a bit of its calling with three engines, no kidding: a 2.0 four-cylinder 300 hp for the GT version and 330 hp for the Modena and a 530 hp biturbo V6 for the advanced Trofeo version.

V6 Nettuno from Supercar MC20

The latter benefits from the Nettuno V6 developed in Modena for the supercar MC20. To pass the SUV on, the V6 has lost dry swamp and 100 hp in the process, but for an SUV there is still enough to panic in the counters: Trofeo reaches 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

Leather, carbon and aluminum

SUV commits, Maserati provided the comfort and space of its car, with a generous habitability at the rear and a very very nice finish. Grecale uses precious materials, leather, carbon and aluminum and integrates cutting-edge technology that no Maserati has yet benefited so much from …

“Grecale is left to rule and Maserati’s jewel will not pass in a game”

Grecale is the first Maserati to take advantage of such advanced equipment
Grecale is the first Maserati to take advantage of such advanced equipment (© Maserati)

The digital instrumentation is complete and ergonomic, and the driver appreciates the two superimposed touchpads, but also the head-up display and voice recognition. The company even placed two buttons on the steering wheel to bring a “vintage” touch.

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The little + : the famous watch is now digital and offers the choice between a classic pin or digital screen

Italy and beautiful cars

Impossible not to appreciate this Grecale with its supercharged hunter look, even if the machine is not cheap. The Trofeo version exceeds € 100,000, to which must be added a good little fine of € 40,000 … To comfort oneself, let’s say that the other, cheaper versions start at € 86,000 and benefit from a slight hybridization.

100% electric in 2023

With Grecale, Maserati achieves a championship. The Modena company confirms that we in Italy still like to design beautiful cars. Grecale is set to rule and will not pass in a hurry … If the Trofeo does not escape the supermalus (€ 40,000), the Grecale is also available in the 4-cylinder with easy hybridization. While waiting for the 100% electric version in 2023 with a battery of more than 100 kWh.

Grecale Trofeo: achievement

Engine: six-cylinder V
Output: 530 hp at 6,500 rpm
Transmission: Integral, Autoboks. 8 speeds
Weight: 2027 kg
Speed: 285 km / h
0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds
Consumption (Mixed EU): 11.2 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions: 254g / km
Luggage compartment: 570 liters
Price: € 115,400


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